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Rasheeda Came For Kirk's Baby Mama Jasmine During The ‘LHHATL’ Reunion And It Backfired — Video

What is she still Big Mad at Jasmine for?

Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta is back with some seriously piping hot tea that’s breaking the internet right now. 

During the LHHATL Reunion, Rasheeda had a lot to say about her husband, Kirk Frost, cheating with his baby mama Jasmine. 

Jasmine did not come to play as her mouth fired off a spicy one line that made even the crowd gasp in surprise. “I came to you on television, but your husband didn’t come to you at all.” 

It’s unclear why Rasheeda wanted to talk about this topic because it’s been two years since Kirk cheated with Jasmine. Their son Kannon has even been accepted by Rasheeda’s family. Why rehash old drama? 

Rasheeda called Jasmine out, saying she’s not convinced her intentions were ever sincere. If they had been, Jasmine would’ve come to her in the beginning off television or considered her family even once before doing things like posting that side by side photo of her child with Kirk and Rasheeda’s child with him.

Jasmine’s clapbacks don’t stop there! She comes for Spice next, saying, “She’s saying she Rasheeda friend; I’m pretty sure Rasheeda don’t even know her real first name.” 

One fan on Twitter commented on this saying, “Jasmine putting all the fake friendships on blast. Notice Spice and Rasheeda didn’t say anything. #LHHReunion #LHHATL” 

Words continued flying when Rasheeda quipped, “You want pity.”

Jasmine snapped, “It ain’t no pity party. I didn’t [expletive] lay down by myself.” 

They was roasting Spice the whole reunion😂😂 #lhhatl #loveandhiphopatlanta #lhhatlanta #loveandhiphop #realitytvfights #realitytv #loveandhiphopatl

Jasmine is right! She did not lay down by herself. There is definitely some blame to lay at Kirk’s feet, but looks like Rasheeda isn’t here to fight with him. 

Fans are commenting, noting the level of outrage at Jasmine but the lack thereof towards Kirk. One fan said, “It takes two to make a baby.” 

Another said, “Rasheeda is corny to me now. Jasmine owes you nothing. Your husband, however, recited vows that he then broke. Yet and still you are tearing her down for your husband’s infidelity. He should’ve never made it seem as if he was available when in fact, he was not. Go on him, not her.” 

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