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LeBron James Reportedly Accused Of Cheating & Fathering Secret Love Child With Popular TV Personality

Known as “King James” around the sports world, LeBron James is definitely a polarizing figure on the basketball court. 

There is no middle ground when it comes to how people feel about him – You either love him or hate him. 

To his credit, when it comes to his character, no argues about that has he’s known to stand for what’s right and call out President Trump whenever necessary. 

After getting sweep by the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals (with the Cleveland Cavaliers) before moving to the Los Angeles Lakers, more trouble seems to be on the way for the game’s most dominate player.  

LeBron James was previously rumored to have a secret love child with an attractive former Cleveland news reporter named Sharon Reed.

She finally shut down the rumors last year, but that isn't stopping his mother's ex-boyfriend Lambo from stirring the pot again!

LeBron's mother Gloria's ex-boyfriend, Da Real Lambo, has been threatening to expose the NBA star for a year now.

Lambo is reportedly salty over LeBron cutting him off financially after convincing his mother to dump the aspiring rapper. Lambo claims that the now Los Angeles Laker player falsely accused him of cheating on Gloria and is seeking revenge. 

Lambo has penned a 'tell-all' book, in which he claims James is a deadbeat father to a secret daughter with Reed, who now resides in Miami.

The rumor of Reed and James having a secret child has circulated for years, allegedly starting out on message boards. 

A source claimed that Reed was fired from WOIO news station after violating the morals clause in her contract for her illicit affair with James. 

An insider claimed, "According to sources close to Reed, it was an open secret at work that she has been seeing LeBron for years — while he was with Savannah. When things started getting out of hand, the Cavaliers brass reportedly met with WOIO management to request that Reed not cover the Cavs home games."

The rumors got so out of control that Reed, who is now based in Atlanta, finally addressed them in an interview last year.

Reed said of the baby reports, "You know, I’ve never talked about that. The reason, I guess until now, that I’ve never talked about it is because I’m big on not just being authentic – I think that’s why I resonate with viewers, you know, there’s always more work to do – but I don’t own other people’s [pauses]. I own my own mess.”

Sharon continued, "Do I know LeBron? No. Probably had more conversations with his now-wife, under the tunnel, than him. It’s trash perpetuated by people who want it to be true… That’s a [extra] thing for them to think. It’s a way they think to put me down. I can think of worse things you can say about somebody than, 'She has a baby with an international basketball star.' If it’s true, it’s true. It’s not."

The host asked, "So there’s no baby with LeBron, huh?"  Reed replied, "There’s no baby with LeBron. I wish him the best, you know?"

Lambo also claimed in his book that LeBron cheated on wife Savannah with Beyoncé!

Is Lambo just being petty or do you think LeBron’s not the saint that he’s been portraying?

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