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LeBron James & Tristan Thompson Spotted Out With 3 Mystery Women In Toronto — Photos

What’s going on here?

Former teammates LeBron James and Tristan “Third Trimester” Thompson are under suspicion from the Internet after being spotted in Toronto with three women who are definitely not named Savannah Brinson James or Khloe Kardashian. 

Over the weekend, the NBA Ballers took a Men only trip to Toronto and after seeing the Migos perform at the Caribana Festival, they then attended a party. 

The pair were spotted by a fan having lunch with a mysterious group of people that included two security personnel and three unidentified women. 

We’re not going to jump out there as this could have just been a friendly meeting/ business lunch, but the photo of them all together has people talking.

While it’s unknown who the mystery women are, it is known that none of them are the athletes’ wives or girlfriends.

See the controversial picture shared on Twitter, below: 

Does this look like an innocent lunch to you?

A lot of people flew into Toronto for the annual Caribana and its confirmed LeBron and Tristan were present. 

A guy on social media confirmed that Bron, Tristan and the Migos are partied with his girl. 

“This girl seriously met and partied with LeBron, Tristan & Migos I can’t even be mad at her for not picking up my call,” he tweeted.

For the record, while the Migos were in town for the weekend, they were booked for the Veld Music Fest.


I don’t think we’ve really seen Tristan with other women since his very messy cheating scandal that made headlines right before Khloe gave birth. Since getting exposed, Tristan has been putting in work with the damage control while working on his relationship with Khloe and being a great father to their daughter, True Thompson.

Reportedly Khloe’s family are not really excited that she took him back after the scandal.

Family friend Lisa Stanley said in a interview recently that the family had it their way, she would probably be leaving because they are not okay at all with what’s happening.

‘This guy not only cheated on her it was on video, and the world saw it. And she was humiliated. But she’s choosing to stay. If all they had it their way, Tristan would just be the baby daddy. And be very much involved. Apparently, he’s a good father,’ Lisa said.

Kim told Khloe to do what she feels is right for her and what makes her happy.

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