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Laura Govan Once Again Reacts To Tamar Braxton's Blasting Her Amid Vincent Herbert's Pregnant Mistress Scandal

Former "Basketball Wives LA" star Laura Govan found herself at the center of controversy after Tamar Braxton appeared to accuse her of sleeping with her husband. Govan insists she doesn't find Herbert attractive, shutting down the crazy rumors.

Govan was accused of sleeping with Tamar’s estranged husband, Vince Herbert. 

Laura was also rumored to be the woman pregnant with Vince's love child. 

Govan called in to "The Breakfast Club" to address the cheating scandal and pregnancy rumor, telling the world Herbert is not her type! 
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Laura said, "Y’all, that’s not funny. Stop. That’s not true. I don’t even know Vince like that. I think he’s a great guy but he’s so not my type. I got a type, that ain’t it. I like em a little lighter, a little whiter, a little nicer. Nah, I’m just kidding…"

Govan was asked what she thought about her former fiance claiming that she was hooking up with Herbert.

Govan said, "I have no comment. I don’t know. I was just as surprised when I saw that stuff. I was like, ‘What happened? What went wrong? Why is she saying this?’… I mean I have an idea but I can’t talk about it."
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Govan revealed she had attempted to reach out to Tamar to clear up the rumors, but was unsuccessful.

The reality star said, "I don’t know what she believes, to be honest with you. I haven’t personally spoken with her. But c’mon you can’t believe that this is true."

Laura adds that she just wants to avoid drama and "move on with her life."

The reality star also appeared on E! Online’s "The Daily Pop" on Wednesday. She told the hosts that the pregnancy rumors were amusing, but she isn't laughing about being accused of having an affair with Tamar's husband.
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Laura said of the pregnancy rumors, "That part is laughable, but the rest isn’t."

She continued,  "You know at first it’s like, ‘Is this a joke?’ Because I literally woke up to something that is just not true and I was thinking, ‘I’ve worked so hard to get away from certain stigmas and all the drama from before. […]"
Govan went on to add, "It’s just [that] nothing is true and it’s so hard for me to not go in…"

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Laura was asked why she was dragged into Tamar and Vincent's messy split, but wasn't able to discuss the situation due for legal reasons.  

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Govan said,  "I have an idea why [I was brought up] but it’s something I can’t discuss litigation wise."

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