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Here's The Tea On The DNA Test Results When It Comes To The Father Of Lyrica Anderson's Baby

Do you think Lyrica Anderson will become a thorn in VH1’s side now?

Well, the very pregnant reality star is supposedly tired of everyone thinking that her unborn baby with her husband, A1, is actually Safaree Samuels’.

“Lyrica is distraught that people are saying Safaree is the father of her unborn child, this is the most beautiful moment in her life and people are trying to tear her down, it’s sickening to her,” an L&HH source shared, soon after it was revealed that Lyrica was pregnant.

“It’s also causing a lot of tension between her and A1, they’ve been fighting a lot again over whether she did or did not sleep with Safaree. Lyrica is still sticking to her story and swears she didn’t sleep with Safaree but there are definitely some huge questions. She’s most likely going do a DNA test once her baby is born just to shut everyone up and end all these dumb questions.”

On this season of Love & Hip Hop, there is a question as to whether Lyrica is carrying her husband A1's baby or whether a side dude is actually the father.

On that note, it seems that A1's brother may be insinuating that a DNA test proved that the unborn child is not A1’s. Yikes.


Producers have put together a storyline that suggests that fellow castmate Safaree slept with Lyrica and impregnated her. The show hints that Lyrica is hiding the relationship and the true paternity of her baby from A1.

After K. Michelle accused Lyrica of trying to sleep with Safaree, the couple’s marriage has appeared to be pretty bumpy. However, quite a few believe that this is all concocted drama to drum up interest in the series.

Maybe not though. Lloyd chose some interesting emojis to make his opinion on the matter known. 

In a comment on his brother's page, Lloyd suggests that a DNA test has been done, and that Lyrica "failed" the test.

Here's the post:

Anyway, theJasmineBRAND previously reported that, despite the drama that’s happening this season on the show, Lyrica and her husband are still very much together and that the bundle of joy is absolutely A1’s.

“It’s going to be the whole ‘who is the baby daddy mystery?’ Roccstar flat out said he [had relations] with Lyrica. He’s being super messy,” an insider revealed at the time.

“Whatever Lyrica did with Safaree was when she and A1 broke up. She didn’t cheat on her husband.”

So, is this just another ploy to keep people tuning into the show or should A1 ring up a lawyer immediately? (Not that he has all that much room to talk, we guess.)

What do you think, truth be told?

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