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See The First Adorable Photo Of Carmelo Anthony's "Love Child" As La La Opens Up About Split

LaLa Anthony may be single after her split from Carmelo Anthony, but the "Power" star claims she is simply too busy to date.

The 38-year-old beauty was recently asked about her love life and admits that she isn't looking for love at this point in her life.

Anthony launched her own clothing line, stars on the Starz series, "Power", and is focused on raising her 11-year-old Kiyan.

She was asked about dating, stating, "I haven’t gotten there yet."

LaLa also revealed that she isn't considering reconciling with Carmelo. "No. I’m just really, just open to focusing on … my son and what he’s doing," she stated.

I'm a mom FIRST!!! 🏀We are loving New Orleans!! Thanks for being so great to us!!! Kiyan is working hard in this tournament!! LETS GOOOO!! #gauchos #myeverything #myoneandonly

Anthony addressed her hectic schedule, saying, "That’s where I put my energy and my focus right now. With all of my workload and my son’s schedule, I really don’t have time for anything else.


LaLa and Carmelo married in 2010 and separated following the NBA star's cheating scandal in April 2017. 
Happy Mother’s Day to the strongest and bravest woman I know!!! Thanks for being our rock @lala #STAYME7O

LaLa filed for a divorce from Carmelo after he cheated on her with a woman dancer named Mia. Carmelo and his mistress carried on a secret affair for at least a year and Mia fell pregnant.

Mia kept the baby and has shared photos of the adorable little girl on social media. 

Carmelo Anthony's daughter is beautiful 😘

Carmelo Anthony's daughter is beautiful 😘

Anthony was last asked about the current state of her relationship with the basketball star during her appearance on "The Wendy Williams Show." 

The talk show host asked if the couple planned to divorce, with LaLa replying, "not right now."

"You know marriages are tough, and you know that. We all know that," LaLa said last year. "It’s filled with ups and downs. We are just going through a time right now."

"We are the best of friends, I’ve been with Melo since he was 19 years old," she added. "You’re not with somebody for that long and it just goes out the window. I love him with all of my heart."

Despite their split, the actress has a great co-parenting relationship with Carmelo.

LaLa stated, "When your love for your kid is at the center of everything, you can’t go wrong. So we’re focusing on showering him with love."

LaLa said that she would have loved to have seen Carmelo be in the championship, but is also glad to have him back in New York.

She said, "It’s great that he’s back in New York, now, and present for all the practices and games and school trips, and everything for our son." 

Bestie.....❤️ (look at those feet 😳‼️🤦🏽♀️)

She adds, "That’s something that we’re really happy about and my son is super happy to have his dad home right now."

The former couple even came together to give their son a sentimental gift for his birthday. Little Kiyan was gifted a collection of his father's jerseys from over the years.

LaLa shared, "It was both of our ideas. We just wanted a significant birthday gift for our son and something he could keep forever, so what we’re doing now is, we’re having Melo sign each one of the jerseys as a special message. Like, ‘This is what I wore in high school. This is what I wore in AU. This is what I wore here.’ Just because that’s something my son can keep forever and look back on. So we thought that was a really great gift and my son was super, super into it. We were excited about it."

Do you want La La to get back together with Carmelo or nah?

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