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The Real Father Of Kylie Jenner's Baby Stormi Has Been Announced Following New Paternity Rumors — Receipts Inside

Kylie Jenner is sticking to her guns when it comes to the paternity of her daughter, Stormi.

As she should, we guess.

And…it seems that her hot body guard, Tim Chung nor ex-Boyfriend Tyga, is not in the running.  (All those jokes were fun and all, but it is probably Travis’ baby.)

Kylie just posted a lovey-dovey snap of herself with her boyfriend at the Met Gala, captioning it, “Stormi’s parents”.

Take a look at the Photo Below:

Stormi’s Parents 🖤

Pretty clear memo. Kylie. 

Will this move be enough to put Travis’ mind at ease? Or, for that matter, his mother’s?

"Travis' mother is taking a page out of Kris Jenner's handbook: she's telling him to get a paternity test," a source previously noted. "She thinks it's important for Travis to shut up all his haters who think [Kylie's] bodyguard is the father."

As for the rapper, he is reportedly throwing out a threat of sorts.

“Travis is becoming uncomfortable with Kylie’s good-looking bodyguard, and he is finally telling her it’s time for him to go," an insider dished to Hollywood Life.

"When the news first broke that fans thought the bodyguard could be the father, both Kylie and Travis laughed it off."

"Travis has gone from laughing about it, to getting furious," they continued.

"Travis knows that Kanye had similar issues with Kim’s security team, so he sought his advice before giving Kylie the ultimatum, the bodyguard has to go or I will." 

TMZ also noted that the speculation was simply "a rumor with no basis in fact" and it is "humanly impossible" for Tim to be Stormi's father, since he and Kylie have never slept together.

Tim did speak up on this matter. He shared an Instagram pic of himself lounging in what appears to be the second floor of a warehouse near downtown Los Angeles, writing, “Chill.”

He then followed this up with a note.

My first and last comment.

Through Kylie’s pregnancy and right after Stormi was born, Tyga was thought to be father of baby Stormi as well based on the close timeframe of their breakup, her hooking up with Travis and becoming pregnant. 

In a recent interview "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" momager Kris Jenner did an interview on the 106.5 radio show "Kyle and Jackie O." During their chit chat, host Kyle alluded to the mutterings involving Kylie's ex's request for a paternity test. "Tyga was chiming in saying maybe it was his baby," Kyle told Kris, Us Weekly reported.

"Oh no, no no. I think that was just a bunch of silly rumors as usual," Kris stated. "Yeah, you guys know better than that."

In Late March, Tyga jumped onto social media to shut down these rumors. 

"I’ve never said anything about someone else’s child or family insinuating my involvement; and will never do so. Please, stop spreading false stories and attacking people’s families. I have nothing to do with any of that. People should be able to live in peace."

Case officially closed.

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