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K. Michelle Reads Rasheeda For Filth And Drags Her On Instagram For The World To See — Receipts Inside

Do you think these two ladies will ever make peace?

I guess the year 2012 is making a comeback as K. Michelle is coming once again for one of her former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta co-stars – Rasheeda Frost.

Fans of the reality show will recall that K. Michelle previously claimed she used to get hands put on her by Toya Wright's now ex-husband, Memphitz Wright. She also accused him of embezzling money (and I mean a lot of money) from her.

Many of her co-stars refused to believe her allegations as she broke down in tears, one of her non-believers was Rasheeda. 

Rasheeda coldly let the R&B singer know that she didn't believe her.

Memphitz denied ever putting hands on K. Michelle and attempted to tear down her credibility in multiple online rants. The producer even sued the singer for defamation and lost the case. 

He did eventually confess to K. Michelle’s allegations.

Celebrity Insider reports: “In the last season, K. Michelle was in; she went to visit RASHEEDA, everything was okay. RASHEEDA explained how she was both K and Memphitz friend and how she didn’t know what to believe and told K. To her face that she didn’t think her own best friend got [them hands put on her] by the dude. Smh, it was a cringing scene to see because K Michelle’s anger and hurt was felt through the screen. And the Memphitz went on a few months later in an Interview, admitting he did abuse K. Michelle.”

Fast forward to 2018 and K. is taking to social media to call out “The Boss Chick” for never apologizing to her. She also made fun of the love child scandal revolving around Rasheeda’s husband Kirk Frost. 

Sharing a clip from the upcoming Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion show where Rasheeda tells her husband’s former mistress she doesn’t owe her anything, K. Michelle says: “but you owe me something. A [expletive] apology for calling me a liar about my [DV situation]! Made fun of my entire situation, said I’d never find a man like yours, WELP I DON’T WANT ONE! I forgive you [for what] you and your crew put me through. [DV] is no joke.

See K. Michelle’s clap back in full, below:

#PressPlay Looks like #KMichelle is still waiting on her apology from #Rasheeda 👀

Many fans of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta feel that Rasheeda owes K. Michelle an apology, but it's obvious that is not about to happen.

The rapper previously discussed the status of her friendship with K. Michelle and she is not open to a reconciliation. Rasheeda said that some people are just not to be in each other’s lives.

Watch the clip below:

Rasheeda let’s us know if she plans to repair her friendship with K Michelle @rasheedadabosschick #sistercircletv #sistercircle

Do you think Rasheeda owes K. Michelle an apology?

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