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More Messiness Involving Rasheeda's Husband Arises After Kirk Frost Finally Claims Side Baby

Kirk Frost shared a photo of himself holding his love child, Kannon, from his affair with former mistress, Jasmine Washington, earlier this week. Some fans praised him for finally doing the right thing, while others pointed out the fact his daughter, Kelsie Frost, basically had to trick her father into seeing his son.

On the June 25 episode, Kirk's 23-year-old daughter confronted her dad about not seeing his son. Kelsie told him she had met little 18-month-old Kannon. 

"I guess I should have realized that one day my kids would want to meet their brother. And honestly having Kelsie as a go-between makes things smoother," he revealed in a confessional clip during the episode. 

Kelsie called her father out for not being present in Kannon's life. She told Kirk, "He’s growing every day. If you are going to be in his life don’t half [expletive] it because you’re going to miss moments and you’re going to regret it."

Kelsie then surprised her father by declaring, "“I think it’s time for you to see him", before Kannon appeared on the playground equipment.
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Kirk shared a photo to Instagram of himself, his son, and his daughter, writing that he is "thankful." However, it was obvious he had some reservations about spending time with Kannon. 


Fans went after Kirk on social media, with many finding it rather disgusting that he had to be forced into spending time with the child he created.

Kirk's long-suffering wife, Rasheeda, made it known that her estranged husband hadn't let her in on the fact he was meeting the boy. Perhaps because it was a surprise to him too!

Rasheeda stated that she would like to meet Kannon in the future and believes he should have some type of relationship with their children. The couple share two sons together. 

The boutique owner also made it clear she will accept Kannon, but wants nothing at all to do with Jasmine. 

Last year, Rasheeda and Kirk clashed over rumors he had cheated on her and fathered a child with a former dancer. It wasn't long until Jasmine came onto the scene and insisted the rumors were true.

It doesn't appear #Rasheeda will be calling it quits with her estranged husband #KirkFrost any time soon. He was right by her side to celebrate her birthday over the weekend. More on the site: or click link in profile

The revelation led to the couple's split.

King of the playground

This season of the show kicked off with the paternity test results finally being revealed, which confirmed Kirk is the father of little Kannon. 

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