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Kirk Franklin's Estranged Son Makes Some Disturbing Allegations About His Father On Instagram

In some news that just about no one anticipated, Kirk Franklin’s eldest child has accused the gospel mainstay of trying to take his life in a recent social media post.

The Fort Worth, Texas native has two children with his wife Tammy - daughter Kennedy (born in 1997) and a son named Caziah (born in 2000). When they wed, both parties each had a child from prior relationships: Kirk's son Kerrion, born in 1988, and Tammy's daughter Carrington (whom Kirk legally adopted), born in 1989.

Kirk’s oldest popped up online and made a shocking allegation against his super star father that he believes Kirk is trying to have him taken out.

According to MTO News, the 30-year-old made the outrageous claim in a now-deleted Instagram post.

"My own father is trying to kill me," he wrote. If anything happens to me its @kirkfranklin’s sneaky [expletive] [sic]. A lot of funny [ish] been happening and he’s in LA right now hiding from me and I [sic] haven’t heard from him. So I'm just leaving this here for safety purposes. I can’t deal with this [expletive] [ish] on my own anymore. I'm done. My life is too valuable... in real time."

See Kerrion’s post in full, below: 

Kerrion has been estranged from the family for years, according to Eurweb. He reportedly claims, himself, that he has always been the black sheep.

He “has a very eccentric personality, which doesn’t fit with Kirk and his family’s polished Christian image,” per Black Christian News.

Kerrion’s accusation comes 6 weeks after Kirk Franklin revealed his sister would be headed behind bars for 30 years. 

According to an Instagram post he made, the award-winning Gospel singer wondered if he could’ve done more to help her. 

“My sister was just sentenced to 30 years in prison…” he wrote and posted as a picture on the social media app. “I now feel the weight of wondering if I could’ve done more…”

It is uncertain as to what caused such a lengthy sentence for Franklin’s sister but he has previously shared dialogue about the drama that surrounded her life, including her addiction to hard drugs.

rough week..

Here’s a throwback picture of Kirk and Kerrion Franklin attending the 1999 Essence Awards (April 30, 1999).

As of press time, Kirk Franklin has not responded to Kerrion’s allegation.

Our thoughts are with Kirk Franklin, Kerrion and the family during this difficult time.

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