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Kimora Lee Simmons Reacts To Sexual Assault Allegations Involving Ex-Husband Russell Simmons

Take a seat.

A man that reportedly told a sexual assault victim to give the another sexual assaulter a “pass” is apparently pretty horrid himself.

We know, right? Can you even believe it?

What a world we live in. [Sarcasm, obviously].

Anyway, Russell Simmons is in the hot seat pretty regularly these days. And his ex-wife’s reaction is pretty damning. 

“Kimora is not surprised over the slew of sexual assault allegations against her ex Russell,” a source confided to

“Kimora can’t help but feel relieved that she left him when she did and she is glad that Russell is no longer her problem. Trust became a real issue in their relationship and when she began to question his integrity, it was the beginning of the end of their relationship.”

“When she no longer felt they were communicating in a healthy way, Kimora lost faith in their marriage too and began to fall out of love. She had no idea what Russell was up to when they were not together towards the end of their marriage. It hurts Kimora to think that Russell may have been harassing other women while they were still married. The new accusations are only reinforcing the tough decisions she made years ago.” 

Oh and publicist Kelly Cutrone recently told that Russell allegedly tried to rape her in 1991. 

“We got to the apartment door and he pushed me in and to the floor. He was on top of me and tried to rip my clothes off of me. I wasn’t expecting it. I kicked him off. I went ballistic; crazy. He was a wild storm — a lot of movement, hands flailing, body thrashing.” 

Okay, one of the other incidents. Because at least three women have echoed similar claims at this point. No wait…more than nine have reportedly spoken up about sexual misconduct at the hands of the Def Jam founder.

He does have a random supporter in his corner though apparently…Eva Marcille.

Eva supposedly wrote in the comment section of a post; "Allegations and accusations are not facts…how quick we are to condemn an amazing man because of what someone says…what about his denial of these horrible accusations, do they not have weight? I know Russell to be an amazing upstanding man period."

No comment. Nope, nope. Nope.

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