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WATCH: Kim Kardashian Shares Video With Kirk Franklin & The Internet Is Praying For An Explanation

Call The Prayer Warriors…Is Kirk Franklin alright?

Kim Kardashian West is making her viral rounds on the Internet this week. Guess she is finished bashing her sister's ex-boyfriend now?

2018 is proving to be the year of random encounters as Kim recently utilized her Instagram story to share that she's been hanging out with gospel performer Kirk Franklin. 

Yup, really. Or "Bible", as the Kardashians often quip when they are attempting to attest that something is true.

The beauty guru popped onto social media where she posted a video of her with the "I Smile" performer by her side.

"So, just my mornings with Kirk," she said in the clip. "You know. Getting the gospel. It's how my mornings start off."

"Tell them how powerful women are," Kirk interjected, to which she responded, "Facts."

Wath the extremely random paring, below: 

#PressPlay: Meanwhile #KimKardashian's receiving the Word from #KirkFranklin 😩
Twitter was puzzled about this odd pairing and didn't hesitate to say so.

Just the other day Kirk’s eldest child has accused him of some super unsavory nonsense; he believes Kirk is trying to have him taken out.
MTO News says the 30-year-old Kerrion Franklin made the bonkers claim in a since-deleted Instagram post.

"My own father is trying to kill me," he wrote. If anything happens to me its @kirkfranklin’s sneaky [expletive] [sic]. A lot of funny [ish] been happening and he’s in LA right now hiding from me and I [sic] haven’t heard from him. So I'm just leaving this here for safety purposes. I can’t deal with this [expletive] [ish] on my own anymore. I'm done. My life is too valuable... in real time."

See Kerrion’s post in full, below: 

Kerrion has been estranged from relatives for years, Eurweb reports. He seems to have told people that he was the black sheep.

He “has a very eccentric personality, which doesn’t fit with Kirk and his family’s polished Christian image,” Black Christian News explained.

Doubt that Kirk is plumping Kim for advice on how to repair family fractures though, as she has been pretty nasty to her siblings of late.

Okay, well they are all being mean to each other, probably at Kris Jenner's urging for the sake of ratings.

But still.

So, what is your opinion on Kim and Kirk hanging out? Weird? Nice? Neither?

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