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Kim Kardashian Hit With Backlash After Posting A Topless Photo Of Herself Taken By 4-Year-Old North West

We all know that Kim likes to court drama. She wants people to talk about her and she doesn’t care whether their comments are positive or negative. Attention is attention.

But that game-plan is kind of losing steam, right? 

She recently seems to have tried to stir the pot once again by posting a semi-topless photo of herself. Not a big deal in itself, as it is kind of her go-to move (which is fine, by the way).

What is riling up the masses though is the fact that it seems to have been snapped by her young daughter, North. Kim captioned the image, “📸 by North”. Plus, you can see Nori in the reflection of the mirror Kim is posing in front of.

😱☕#IssaSwipe: Oh no, everybody is coming for #KimKardashian neck again right now for her allowing #NorthWest to snap a half naked pic of her some are even coming for kim's parenting skills and threating to call children services 😞 Wow do y'all see anything wrong with this? Is kim wrong ?🤔 🖤 #TeaSpillers

Complex pointed out that the reaction to this is quite a mixed bag. Some are accusing Kim of being a bad mother. Others are defending her, saying that she is teaching North body confidence.

The Independent reported that while some Instagram users are calling Kim’s photo “weird and creepy,” many are deeming it normal behavior for mothers and daughters during dress-up and play time. Comments being left on the pic declare that she is teaching North the wrong message with the “sexy” image.

“Hey sweetie imma unclip my bra can u please take a picture of mommy for me. Take notes.”

Oh and accusations are flying that Kim is merely trying to snatch headlines away from her half-sister, Kylie Jenner, who recently welcomed Stormi. STORMI.

stormi webster 👼🏽

Which…we don’t know, maybe?

Kim’s supporters also think that North was likely playing with her mom’s phone, as she captured an innocent moment and mothers with daughters are sharing that their little ones capture them on-camera throughout the day too. On the more dramatic side, a few are expressing concerns that this little incident is borderline pedophilia and child abuse.

We don’t care what Kim does, really. Just…doesn’t she have other things to focus her attention on?

Congrats are in order for #KimKardashian and #KanyeWest! The couple welcomed their third child via surrogate on Monday.

Anyway, our favorite takes are: 

“North is prepared for the Instagram world... She's like five, and better than me” and “Im pretty sure North doesn't care and supports her mother lol. If it's not your child, why are you so angry?”

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