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Report: Kim Kardashian Wants To Renew Wedding Vows With Kanye West To Compete With Beyoncé & JAY-Z

The kopykatting continues. Kontinues?

Kim Kardashian is reportedly desperate to renew her wedding vows with Kanye West. Guess why?

To out-do Bey and Jay. Oh, Kim.

As if you ever could.

Radar Online is claiming Kimmy Cakes is currently in a tiff with Kanye, after she supposedly revealed this little plan to her beau.

The publication says that she wants to do this, just in time for Jey’s (that couple name won’t stick, will it?) tenth wedding anniversary. 
“Kanye’s convinced Kim’s only doing this for attention and because she’s gotten wind that Beyoncé and Jay-Z are likely to do it for their 10-year anniversary.”
Kanye apparently won’t bite because he is keen on being “low key and just keep building behind the scenes”…

“Kanye’s refusing to do this and insists he won’t be swayed, which upsets Kim and her mom who says he’s a miserable excuse for a husband,” an insider explained.

No one from this group has bothered to respond to this publicly, so maybe it’s just the rumor mill, churning along, spinning stories out of thin air.

There have long been mutterings that Kim and Bey don’t quite see eye-to-eye. Putting it mildly.
A source once revealed, "Bey’s still irate that Kim hinted online she was trying for a baby the same day she announced she was pregnant with her twins. It’s why she chose to ignore Kim’s huge bouquet of flowers and chocolates she sent — and to Kim that’s just plain rude.”

"The fact North hasn’t been invited to one play date with Blue Ivy also infuriates her. Too bad Bey has zero desire to make nice with Kim, let alone socialize the kids together. She seems to think of her as trash and Kanye a creepy liability.”

Their husbands haven’t been too tight for a minute either (though there is a bit of hope on this front, maybe; Jay recently gave a shout-out to his sometimes-buddy Kanye at a concert in Chicago, telling the crowd, “Shout out Kanye West. Peace and love”).

Kanye previously went on a public rant against his former mentor and Jay-Z trashed Yeezy a bit in his latest album. 

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