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Kim Kardashian Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary With Kanye West With Beautiful Message & Never-Before-Seen Wedding Day Photo

Is this an attempt to distract the masses from her husband’s recent controversies

Could be. 

Kim Kardashian-West celebrated her fourth wedding anniversary with Kanye West in a very her fashion —by posting a photo to social media.

No, but it’s actually quite adorable.

According to PEOPLE, she shared a never-before-seen snap from their 2014 wedding.

“4 years down and forever to go….” Kim captioned it. “Thank you babe for giving me our family and caring so much about us. Thank you for inspiring me on a daily, I’m so lucky. I can’t wait for forever… Happy Anniversary.”

See the beautiful post below: 

4 years down and forever to go.... Thank you babe for giving me our family and caring so much about us. Thank you for inspiring me on a daily, I’m so lucky. I can’t wait for forever... Happy Anniversary

The pair tied the knot four years ago in a very lavish ceremony in Florence, Italy, which had quite an impressive guest list. 

Since then, they have welcomed two children together, 2-year-old Saint and 4-month-old Chicago, who both joined big sister North (who was apparently around 11-months-old when her parents were married in Italy).

Party of 5

So, thoughts? Is this a super sweet message or an attempt to push back against divorce rumors? Maybe a little of both?

Radar Online previously alleged that the duo could be on the brink of a split, citing a source who claimed that “Kim thinks that divorce may be her only option to save herself and her children right now”. Her team shut this down though, calling the report “false.”

“I always love my husband’s opinion. We always have a good balance,” Kim told Vanity Fair.

“It saved me when I’m just maybe, you know—when my vision isn’t coming to life and I’m stuck,” she noted. “He’ll always help me pick the pieces up.”

Hm. Well, there you have it, we guess.

His ex-Amber Rose actually recently chimed in with some insight on the musician’s mental state and why he supports Donald Trump so much.

"I really felt like [Donald & Kanye] have the same personality, like completely the same personality," the vixen dished. "I would like to think that Kanye met with Trump and Trump said, ‘Look, I seen these people, I knew they were gonna vote for me and I used them to get elected and I can't tell nobody that because I want to get a second term, but now that I'm in office I really want to make a change.’ Now, Kanye can't snitch on him, he can't snitch on himself. So, you know, maybe he's thinking of the greater good of what Trump can do for the country."

Congrats on making it 4 years but perhaps Kim can get her man to lay off of the Trump stuff. 

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