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This R&B Singer Savagely Clapped Back At Khloé Kardashian For Dragging Her Into Family Drama

We definitely did not see this coming as this might have escalated unnecessarily. 

We’ll let you be the judge of that though. 

Just days after the eldest of Kris Jenner’s daughters (Kourtney, Kim & Khloe) got in quite the dramatic twitter exchange, the sisters have worked it out and are now banding together against a new target —Kourtney’s now-ex-boyfriend, Younes Bendjima.

Sticking up for their older sister, Kim and Khloe called Younes out over a tabloid picture showing him “boo’d up” with popular Instagram Model Jordan Ozuna.

The former’s boxer response was the media was making his “playful friendship” with Jordan to be bigger than it really is. 

Kim Kardashian stepped into TheShadeRoom in response to Bendjima’s counterclaims  and gave her two cents.

#KimKardashian stepped into #TheShaderoom & she ain't buying what #Younes is selling 😩 (View earlier posts to catch up)
Things got interesting though after Khloe clapped back at his explanation, using Sunshine Anderson’s classic hit “Heard It All Before” in her response .

Khloe (who just went through a very public cheating scandal) chimed in with “Alexa, play ‘Heard It All Before’ by Sunshine Anderson”.

The R&B singer though wasn’t here for it and sternly warned her to keep her name and related likeness out of their online drama as she’s been minding her own business. 

Stepping into TheShadeRoom herself, Sunshine wrote: “…now Khloe… tsk tsk…don’t drag me into this foolishness… #overheremindinherbusiness

See it below: 

Of course, the Kardashian stans on the internet weren’t going to let Sunshine Anderson’s response slide as they flooded her page with clap backs in defense of Khloe.  

Sunshine, who I’ve met and is not here for the extra, shared more words for the Kardashian Klan and anyone else on the Internet who had an issue with what she said. 

In a new Instagram post, Anderson wrote: “Don’t ever come for me ESPECIALLY when I didn’t send for your [behind]! Ima remind you for the LAST time, that I was over here minding my own BUSY business baby!”

Then the North Carolina-native shared some commentary for Khloé in regards to her cheating scandal with her daughter’s father, NBA Baller Tristan Thompson. 

“She should learn to sweep around her own front door before she starts draggin’ anybody else into her trash…” Anderson continued. “I’ll take real & TRUE over fake ANYDAY! I’m not for everybody!”

She went on to say that regardless of how you feel about her comments towards Khloe; everybody in your family knows her #1 hit song from 2001. 

The moral of the story: Keep your shade away from Sunshine Anderson.

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