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Khloe Kardashian FIGHTS Amber Rose for talking some MAJOR sh** about Kylie! You HAVE to see this:

According to Complex & BOSSIP:

Khloe Kardashian Explains Why She Jumped Into Kylie’s Beef With Amber Rose

After already defending her sister’s “special case” relationship with Tyga, Khloe Kardashaian recently dished on that NASTY Twitter beef she had with Amber Rose.

As previously reported things got heated between the two after Amber Rose blasted Tyga for dating Kylie who’s a “baby” who should be in bed by 7:00.

That of course led to that EPIC Twitter feud between Kylie’s big sister and Blac Chyna’s best friend;

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Well according to Khloe, in between getting oiled up for her Complex cover she admitted to being “hotheaded” and claimed that she’s very protective of her siblings a.k.a. her “cubs.”

Don’t f*** with my cubs ’cause I will rip your head off!

She also added this tidbit directly about her feud with Muva:

“I just feel like it was unnecessary for her to say anything, and I used her own quote back. It was from her talking about when she became a stripper so I’m like, ‘How are you judging and saying Kylie should have a curfew?

What I thought was crazy was she was telling my sister to act a certain way or have a curfew, but [she wasn’t] doing the same. So just don’t comment.”

And to all those that claimed she was slut slaming the Slut Walk advocate she added;

“How was I slut-shaming by saying don’t throw stones at glass houses? There was no slut-shaming. I am not one to slut-shame, I have done slutty behavior myself.”

Hmmmmm…what do YOU think about Khloe’s explanation for the Amber Rose Twitter beef???Hit the flip for more.

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