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Khia Mercilessly Drags Unwed And Pregnant Toya Wright, Tells Reginae Carter Her Mother Was Passed Around Cash Money & Her Dad’s Gay

Khia has been going back-and-forth with Reginae Carter and her mother Toya Wright on social media and it's getting really ugly!

Khia actually started the beef when she gave her two cents on Toya being pregnant out of wedlock and for keeping her ex-husband's last name. Reginae clapped back at Khia, which led to the rapper savagely dragging the teenager and her mother.

"The My Neck, My Back" rapper originally discussed Toya on her Facebook Live show, #TheQueensCourt. Khia slammed Toya for keeping her ex-husband Memphitz’ last name after their divorce, as well as her decision not to reveal the identity of her new baby daddy.

Khia joked about Toya's baby daddy, saying, "I just want to know who the baby daddy was. Cause Toya is still carrying the last name Wright. Once you get a divorce give that [expletive] his last name. So, I was like Toya Wright. And, then I heard she was pregnant by another [expletive]. Why is she pregnant by this other [expletive] when she was married to Memphitz?”

Toya and her daughter Reginae, from her marriage to Lil Wayne, caught wind of Khia throwing shade and responded with an Instagram video. "We calling out, we want Khia," Toya said in the video before giving her true feelings about the rapper. "[Expletive] Khia ol dirty [expletive] worrying about other people all the time. Go make you a hit."

Well @khiathugmisses broke the internet today with the #read of the year. ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ How many people feel like #Khia took it too far? How many feel like she put #Reginae in her place? Let’s discuss!!!

Reginae proclaimed that she's 19-years-old and can step in and defend her mother. "My mother is pregnant right now," Reginae stated. 

The teenager then called Khia out for being jealous over rapper Trina. Reginae said, "She’s obsessed with Trina. She mad she could never be the baddest! And, come on when was your last hit other than 'My Neck and My Back.'"

Wright then went off on Khia, calling her a "bum that sits on the internet and talks about people all day because she don’t have a life. That’s who she is. Old lame [expletive] Do not send me no videos about no bums."

Khia and Trina have been at odds, with Khia previously claiming that "sour[expletive]" Trina stole her music. 

Khia responded to Toya and Reginae's video, going off in a major way and possibly airing Toya's dirty laundry. Khia alleged that Toya and Lil Wayne had a relationship with Trina, saying that the rapper started up a relationship with Toya to get to Wayne.

Khia told Reginae, "That’s how far me and your daddy [Lil Wayne] go back. When ya step mama Sour[expletive] was [expletive] Baby. No she’s not the baddest because she [expletive]  your mama AND your daddy. That don’t make her the baddest, baby. Now since your mama didn’t tell you that she was swinging with your daddy and your step daddy Baby, don’t bring that up anymore."

Khia also commented on Toya’s parenting. "For the record, you gave that child too much control at a young age because you always had to tell her ‘Call yo daddy.’ That’s why Reginae think she run everything. But, we not buying it over here. She may run y’all because she’s y’all meal ticket, but we’re not buying it. We want you to be a mother to Reginae, stop being her friend."

Khia also mocked Wright and Carter’s “we working” response and claimed her resume was much better. 

Khia also said to Reginae, "You’re mammy didn’t teach you no respect or manners. That’s one thing that I know because, baby, one thing that you need to know. Don’t you ever in your 19 years of living try and get into the ring with a professional roaster. Your mammy should have told you but, see, they ain’t taught you nothing. Your mother or your grandmother ain’t taught you nothing. They should have warned you about coming into the street with all these 16-18 wheelers."

Khia went on to add, "You have been her husband, her sister, her friend, you have been everything to her since you was a little girl including her bread. Her meal ticket. Her bank account."

She also claimed Reginae was raised in a trap house.

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