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Khia & Ts Madison Claim T.I. Helped Kick Them Out Of Xscape Concert After He Cussed Out Tamar + Goes In On K. Michelle

“The Queens Court” co-hosts Khia and TS Madison brought the dirt last night.

After highlighting a new set (which resembled a court room, which is kind of hilarious, actually) the ladies sat at their desk dressed in their black robes.

First though, they addressed all the drama around the Xscape concert. You know the one. Tamar reportedly wanted to have Khia and Ts step up on stage during her set to “expose” Toya Wright.

The pair responded to claims that Kandi was the one who spearheaded the charge and insisted that  weren’t actually going to bring up Toya and Reginae; they were just going to perform “My Neck, My Back,” & “Next Caller.”


They also claimed that Tiny and her husband T.I. were involved into putting a stop to their performance with Tamar.

After Madison jokingly told T.I to “Curb [his] dog,” (which, ew), Khia alleged that T.I. cussed out Tamar, Evelyn and her sisters in Tamar’s dressing room.

“Tiny, you know the best thing you could’ve ever [done] was divorce T.I., or file for divorce. That was the best decision you could’ve ever made, because he is nothing but a [expletive] [expletive] [expletive].”

“I stared him down but he didn’t turn his head or his little body. He kept his neck straight and walked past us. Didn’t even turn his head to address [Madison or myself].”

“I call him a little Snicker. I wanted to call him a “snitcher,” because he’s always been a little snitch.”


“I think he was the one being disrespectful and disorderly.”

You know…we don’t like T.I. and so are inclined to think the worst of him but hearing this from anyone else might hold more merit, maybe?

Khia says that Tiny and Tamar are back on the outs. Tiny supposedly stood by quietly while Tamar and “Paperback” Toya traded jabs on social media last year. So, Khia thinks this shows that Tiny isn’t as loyal as Tamar has been?

Madison also announced that she was the one that, “leaked” everything. Well, she posted about it on Instagram, so there isn’t any argument there, right?
“It was I who leaked the information. If you [expletive] don’t know our publicity stunts by now… you [expletive] fall for out traps each and every time, each and every week.”

“They talked more about us getting kicked out than they did of that tired [expletive] show.”
Next up? Insults for K. Michelle.

“Lets talk to this [expletive]. This [expletive] likes to get on her meds, and go live, act like she don’t know somebody like she go so much money. [expletive], you don’t have enough money to rebuild that [expletive]. You ain’t got enough money to re-stabilize your mind. So, what are you doing with all the money? What’s your problem K. Michelle?”

“I just don’t understand how you’re able to roast everybody but when somebody roasts you, you can’t take it.”
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They then showed a clip of K. Michelle on Instagram Live. Khia “refuted” what K. Michelle said in it.

“Girl, what is you on? Percocet? What is they giving you girl? You got so much money but you’re in an extended stay. Every other time, you out and out loud.”

Madison says that K feels Khia is always worried about her lady parts. Which…is kind of accurate, no?

Khia replied, “I ain’t worried about your [expletive]. Those [expletive] keep sending things in about it.”

Nope. Nope.

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