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Keyshia Cole Ordered To Pay $100,000 For Beating Up A Woman At 4AM In The Morning Over Her Then-Boyfriend Birdman

Keyshia Cole lost a court case with a woman named Sabrina Mercadel, who sued her for $4 million after being attacked at Birdman's home in 2014. Cole believed the Cash Money CEO was cheating on her with the woman.

Keyshia and Birdman were dating in 2014 when the incident occurred. Cole thought her man was cheating on her and went to his Los Angeles condo in the middle of the night.

Mercadel, a Cash Money employee, was at Birdman’s home, along with several other people. 

Cole reportedly flew into a jealous rage when she spotted Sabrina leaving a bathroom at Birdman's home. The singer yelled at Sabrina, "What are you doing with my man?!"

Sabrina claimed that Keyshia punched her in the face, pulled her hair and clawed her face and mouth with her nails. She claims she lost the use of a finger as a result of the attack.

Cole was arrested following the incident and was slapped with a restraining order by the woman she attacked.

At that time, Keyshia was told she would not be prosecuted over the attack. Prosecutors told Cole they wanted her to appear at an informal office hearing, instead of going to trial.

Keyshia expected to receive a warning and possibly be ordered to attend anger management courses. However, she didn't get off that easily! 

Mercadel sued the "Love" singer initially filed a lawsuit in 2014 for $1 million in damages for emotional distress, intentional infliction of harm, battery, negligence and premises liability. 

The case must have hit a snag because Sabrina sued Keyshia again in 2017 for $4  million. Mercadel requested $1.5 million for pain and suffering, $500,000 for emotional distress, $2 million for loss of the use of her finger, $200,000 for future medical costs, $50,000 in lost earnings and $300,000 for future loss of earnings.

Gotta stay Prayed up. 🙏🏽

The case ended with a default judgment after Cole was a no-show in court. However, she was ordered to pay only $100,635 of the $4 million that the woman requested.

Birdman broke up with Cole after the incident. The rapper is currently rumored to be engaged or married to Toni Braxton. 

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