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Keyshia Cole's Ex Daniel 'Booby' Gibson Confirms New Romance + Gets Called Out By Another Woman

"Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood" star Daniel 'Booby' Gibson has moved on from his marriage to Keyshia Cole and his co-star, Brooke Valentine. The former NBA star has a new love in his life named Sinfony Rosales. 

Fameolous captured a photo of the Instagram model named Sinfony and Daniel later confirmed that he was in a new relationship.

In the comments section of the post, Booby referred to Sinfony as his "baby." 

Gibson wrote, "[expletive] y'all ruthless lol. At least my baby luh me. wishing everybody nothing but blessings."

Check out her photos below: 


It didn't take long for another woman to come forward to reveal she had been hooking up with Gibson too. In fact, she doesn't believe Booby is in love with his new girlfriend. She also revealed the reality star borrowed money from her. 
" I can find someone who's ready for me... && teach you a lesson.." 💋😍😌 #yummyyomi #Leslie #theyumyumsauce

She called him out on social media. The woman wrote, "Girl bye Daniel is a whole liar and [expletive] BUM! How they in love and we just stop talking. He with her cuz I wouldn't have em!" [sic]

She adds, "Daniel  Hiram Gibson you are right about one thing! You are GOOFY [expletive] ask me for money then out partying with the next Lil [Expletive]? Should asked that [expletive] for some money since you such in "need" what you wanted me to help you impress yo [expletive] or fly your [expletive] in...NEGATIVE! Better stop playing on me...ON YOU! [expletive] you better find you a lil [expletive] that got her own. You are pathetic."

" I use to think that having a good heart was foolish of me... but I can't let them turn me cold... " ❤️💋🍭🍭🍭#yummyyomi #yummysworld #theyumyumsauce #worstluckwithlove #fashionNOVA

Gibson responded by writing, "Because of my snap? You show this side to me a lot & imma just believe you. I asked you for help because I needed you. I didn't think that depended on w ho I was out with when you just came back from NO with a whole [expletive] u use to talk to so I thought we was past it. But you got it. I won't look there. It's understood."

" Last name Cobain...must be on cocain , choose another chick over me... that's suicide ! " 👑❤️ #QueenYomi #hennythingispossible #theyumyumsauce

Booby also commented on Fameolous' post, writing, "Lol dam's real today huh! I did a whole lot of "doin me" in '17 so I expect it...I'm sure it's wholleee lot more where that came from. But my sin got me on a whole new wave in '18. Tryna do it right for a change."

Keyshia Cole has finally filed for divorce from Daniel "Booby" Gibson on Sept. 12. 

Keyshia cited irreconcilable differences in her divorce filing, also stating they have been separated since October of 2014.

Keyshia is requesting joint legal and physical custody of their seven-year-old son, Daniel Gibson Jr.

There have been rumors circulating for years that the NBA player had cheated on Keyshia, something he pretty much admitted during his interview with VH1.

#flashbackfriday #keyshiacole #boobie #danielgibson

Gibson stated he takes full responsibility for their split and discussed the low point in his life when they parted ways. 

Booby said, "I felt the most pain. I felt the most vulnerable. I felt humiliated. I felt embarrassed. I felt shamed when me and Keyshia broke up. I take full responsibility for our marriage not working."

When she walk away & you ain't know she had cake too. 😁 

He continued, "I could say she did this or she did that, but then that would be a cop-out. I just look in the mirror and face facts. There were things that I did in our relationship that shouldn't have happened... because of how much I valued family." 

In him, i see so much of myself. i keep begging time to let up, but it’s relentless in it's course & my little man is growing up. All I can do is enjoy these moments as they come. put the phone down & be present cuz the memories we create everyday, will have to be enough. - 🌎 dat's My dawwwwg *smokey voice* #BoobysWorld S/O @tribekelley once again on the gear!!

But, I just don't think as a man I had experienced enough to be able to be loyal to her and handle it the right way. And so, when everything happened between me and her…that was probably the last thing that made me really cry."

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