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Men And Women Are At War On the Internet Over New Video Involving Kevin Gates And His Wife — Watch

Well, uh, sure.

Kevin Gates is one of Hip-Hop's more intriguing acts. His social media presence easily catches eyes and his interviews are always controversial, to say the least.

Known as a man of fetishes, Kevin doesn't hold back much from the world.

The Baton Rouge emcee is back from behind bars and back in the studio cooking up for his Breadwinners Association collective fans, who have patiently waited on his musical return since his January release.

But he is busy with other to-dos too, apparently. Yup. The rapper posted a video of himself getting very cozy with his wife/manager Dreka Gates’ toes on Instagram. It shows Kevin practically devouring Dreka’s foot while in a studio that is cloaked in deep, purple lights.

They are not shy about showing affection for each other in general, which, honestly, is kind of sweet. Nor are they shy about opening up in regards to their love life. But many think that sharing this moment was a bit, uh, MUCH.

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Give it a watch, below:

The reactions to this from the Internet were kind of golden though.

Back in 2016, he was sent away for to six months for an infamous interaction with female fan at an event (long story) and Dreka came to his defense and went off on the judge.

He was released in March of last year, but turned himself back in to Illinois corrections once it was discovered that he had an outstanding issues to be resolved there.

He actually penned an inspiring note to his supporters and fans when he was still behind bars, which read, "Dear loyal fans, Disallow yourselves to be troubled in my time of absence. All of the great ones who came before and will come after me: Have had to go through this. By this I am speaking in reference to hardship. A great person is measured by all of the great test they can undergo and still remain to to who they are. What that being said, 'I'm him.' I love you all. In closing I remain the same. Forever, Kevin Gates."

In January, Kevin Gates touched free soil again. His attorney, Herschel Rush, explained to TMZ that Kevin planned to “devote considerable time and resources talking to troubled teens and sharing anecdotes from his own life in hopes they'll avoid the same pitfalls.”

It's good to see the Gates family life returning back to normal.

So, is everyone overreacting to the foot-tastic clip or is this an exceptionally odd move from Kevin? 

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