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Watch: Singer Keri Hilson Tearfully Admits To Hitting ‘Rock Bottom’ After Falling Off The Music Charts

What happened to Keri Hilson?

Keri Hilson got emotional as she discussed her 7-year hiatus from her music career during a chat with celebrity psychic medium, Reginald Lewis. Keri also revealed she is making a return to music. 

The "Pretty Girl Rock" singer appeared on a recent episode of The Steve Harvey Jones show. She was told by the psychic that this year will bring about new career and romance opportunities.

Lewis revealed that he was in touch with the singer's late grandmother, seemingly proving that fact by accurately revealing the cause of her paternal grandmother's death.  

Lewis also stated he was being shown a birthday cake and cupcakes, with Hilson confirming her birthday was the following day. 

See when u put certain energies into the atmosphere u get what u ask for‼️ I said let Keri come back and look at God🙌🏾‼️ 🗣Come thru sis❗️#kerihilson

Lewis stated that Hilson had been making drastic changes to the people she allowed in her personal life. 

Fans know that her relationships have received more attention than her music in recent years. She dated NBA star, Serge Ibaka, before dating NFL player Ricardo Lockette.

Hilson and Lockette split recently and he took to social media to reveal the break-up.

Keri referenced the split during the psychic reading, saying, "That's one of the things I'm walking away from."

Keri became emotional as she discussed her years away from the music industry. She shared, "It’s kind of a comeback because I hit rock bottom a few times."

Keri said, "I’m crawling back to walking in my purpose and using my gifts… I think I had to give up music for a while. I stepped away. I thought it would just be a year. It’s been six, maybe. I realize now that I’m grateful for all of those years because I have built myself back up."

Hilson emotionally said, "This is amazing. You have a real, genuine, authentic gift. I am so grateful."

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Hilson took to Twitter to discuss the reading with the psychic, calling the experience "revealing, vulnerable, and emotional." 

She also said the meeting lasted an hour-and-a-half, but it was edited to a four-minute segment.

Hilson tweeted, "I believe in divine angels in the spiritual realm. Well, I happen to know they are real. But I also believe that God can awaken someone to be an angel in our lives…for a period of time, or sometimes just to speak a single sentence. Angels have missions. For the good of OUR personal mission."

She also tweeted, "Angels have missions. For the good of OUR personal mission...Angels guide. Angels redirect. Angels confirm. Angels protect. Angels awaken. Purpose...Light."

Keri also tweeted, "All we have to do is clear out our hearts, minds, & spirits to just...NOTICE. (When they are KNOW when it’s THEM). Allow them the clear space to work for our highest good. Then ask God if you are not clear what mission or message they are trying to convey..."

Hilson has not released an album since 2010’s No Boys Allowed. Her next album, tentatively titled L.I.A.R. (Love Is a Religion), is expected this year. 

Keri previously said of her album's title, "There are so many similarities between religion and love. If we believe this will work, then we will do what it takes and we will be obedient. We’ll do what it takes to make it work. It’s religious. You gotta be that committed to making love work."

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