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Kenya Moore Reacts After Reports Of Bravo Network Firing Her From ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Surface

So was Kenya Moore actually fired from Real Housewives Of Atlanta?

If you missed it, Radar Online reports that the Bravo Network confirmed hat Kenya has lost her peach for good and that she was not presented with a contract for season 11 of the hit reality show.

They claim her secret wedding to businessman Marc Daly last summer, as well as her refusal to feature her husband, re-film the wedding for the show or provide any details about her marriage, led to the decision.

“We look forward to welcoming new housewives and telling new authentic stories for season 11,” the network reportedly told Radar Online before stating Kenya’s contract would not be renewed. 

Moore has been a main cast member on "RHOA" since joining in the fifth season. However, rumors began circulating last month that she would not be returning to the reality show.

But Kenya is denying that any of this is true.

#FakeNews Do you really think Bravo would talk to a trashy blog like "radar online?" When have you ever seen Bravo release cast info before the season starts on any cast member being fired or HIRED? 🤔 N-E-V-E-R," she posted on Instagram. "To the outlets that regurgitate their fake desperate stories: shame on you lazy MFs! Unless you hear it from me, it's fake news! Reviewing my latest offer now 💅🏾 #teamtwirl #kenyamoore #rhoa".

See her response in full below:

Andy Cohen’s response to questions about who would be returning didn’t clarify much, did it? 

“We are figuring out next season right now,” he told Hollywood Life at a recent Purina event, upon being asked if Kenya would be coming back.

A while back, an insider dished up supposed details, saying, "Kenya’s lie [about not getting the boot] was outed about a week ago, when Season 11 peach holders and friends assembled for a mandatory cast meeting. Moore was not in attendance and when asked about her absence, it was confirmed that she wasn’t invited back."

"I’ve heard that Kenya may possibly be relegated to ‘friend’ status, but her pride probably won’t allow that."

At the time, Kenya seems to have responded to these rumors, writing, "#FAKENEWS Oh boy, remember when this term was only used to apply to deliberately manufactured "news" stories in the political arena? Genuine hoaxes like Pizzagate?@bet @celebrity_insider_org @theinquisitr shame on you for constantly regurgitating the slanderous fake news from #radaronline."

"Fake Husband, Fake Pregnancy, Fake Boyfriends, Fake Storyline, Fired, Fake Divorce […] At least be effing original with your hateful lies. I’m used to you all making up stories to get clicks off my name but LEAVE MY FAMILY ALONE."

So, do you think Kenya’s telling the truth? We do think producers booting her off the cast-list would be a bad move for ratings, we guess.

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