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Kenya Moore Posts Cryptic Message That Has Everyone Convinced Her Marriage Is Over Amid Fake Pregnancy Rumors

There is very little we would put past Kenya Moore.

But would she lie about her marriage to Marc Daly to save her RHOA peach? Maybe?

Well, some believe it is already on the rocks after the pair secretly wed last year and refused to let the Real Housewives of Atlanta production team be part of it or even tell them that she was even in a relationship.

In the midst of rumors that she’s faking her pregnancy (more on that shortly), Moore has the internet convinced her marriage is over after posting some cryptic comments online about the dangers of rushing into love. 

“Don’t love too soon. Don’t trust too fast. Don’t judge too soon,” Kenya shared on Instagram. “Don’t quit too early. Don’t expect too high. Don’t talk too much.”

She soon deleted this, uploading a selfie instead.

Take a look, below:

Oh and other think that she isn’t really expecting a baby. She shared a photo of herself on a date with her husband and fans jumped, saying that she should have a baby bump by now.

Kenya Moore is enjoying her pregnancy. She looks so happy. ❤❤

Guess what she did next? Scrubbed that snap off of her page and then posted a shot of herself in a white gown.


Even her cast-mates may be harboring doubts about some of her claims.

"Kenya didn’t look pregnant; all of the ladies have had kids and they totally didn’t believe her," an insider dished to RadarOnline.

"No one really believes Kenya is pregnant and the producers think that she said she was pregnant in order to get signed up for the next season. This was a last-ditch effort to get a contract."

“No one believes a word that Moore tells them. They knew she was super desperate to stay on the show, so she made it all up. And it is not working; she is getting fired after this season”.

Kenya already addressed all the pregnancy-faking rumors, by the way.

"No I don’t have a surrogate. I’m a smart girl. I have been wanting a family of my own for a very long time [...] I know how [to] freeze eggs and take certain supplements to increase my body’s chances of being a healthy environment and to produce fresh eggs," she stated. "This is a happy time for me and I’m not going to entertain nonsense."


This isn’t the first time that her relationship status has been rocky. 

"This is really just [expletive] with him,” she explained to a producer last year, as she shed tears over what was going on with Marc. “He can’t even sleep, he’s not eating. He’s got ex-girlfriends sending him things about me from 25 years ago [about] some famous guy I dated. Like, what does it have to do with now? They don’t know me and everybody said he fought his mother and everybody for me. This pressure is too much. It’s too much stuff going on. I don’t wanna get divorced.”

Kenya Moore has not commented on the rumors surrounding her marriage to Daly.

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