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Kenneka Jenkins' Mother Believes Her Daughter's Death Was A 'Cover-Up' — Watch

Tereasa Martin, the mother of Kenneka Jenkins, who was mysteriously found dead in the freezer at the Rosemont hotel on Sept. 10, does not believe that Chicago police did a thorough job in the investigation of her daughter's death. Tereasa believes it's a cover up, also revealing there was a camera right beside the freezer.

Kenneka 19, was found in the freezer at the Rosemont hotel nearly 24 hours after she went missing. She had attended a party earlier on the ninth floor of the hotel with friends. 

Teresa sat down with Chicago radio station, 107.5 WGCI, and stated, "I believe that it's a cover up. I'm still looking for answers."

Police have reported that Jenkins died after wandering inside a hotel freezer while drunk inside the Crowne Plaza Chicago O'Hare Hotel and Conference Center in Rosemont. An autopsy did not reveal any trauma or sexual assault, showing the cause of death as hypothermia from the cold freezer.

Martin is wanting a second autopsy.

Rosemont police have insisted they did not find any signs of foul play, releasing video footage and photos of Kenneka wandering the halls of the hotel.

Many following the case can't imagine how someone could freeze to death in a walk-in unit that was easy to open from the inside. Police stated there was no footage of Jenkins entering the freezer because there was no camera in that area.

However, Kenneka's mother revealed she saw a camera directly above the freezer. She asked investigators why the video didn't show her daughter actually wandering into the freezer, as they claim.

Tereasa said the sergeant told her, "There wasn't no cameras, so I guess the camera disappeared."

The family of Kenneka also stated that the photos police released actually raised "more questions."

Death photos from the scene showed Jenkins was missing one shoe and her shirt was pulled over her chest.

Experts have stated that in the last stages of hypothermia that the victim beings feeling overheated and they often begin removing their clothing.

The investigation into the death of Chicago teen Kenneka Jenkins was closed by police Friday, but not everyone was convinced that the case should have been shut.

Kenneka's family were shown the pictures the day before police closed the investigation. They were “graphic and disturbing images (that) inexplicably show portions of Kenneka’s body exposed,” Sam Adam Jr., a lawyer for Jenkins’ mother Tereasa Martin, said in a statement.

Larry Rogers Jr., another attorney for Martin, revealed the images were “of a personal, private and indecent nature.”

Rogers adds, “Frankly, the photos depicting how Kenneka was found raise more questions about what happened to Kenneka Jenkins than they answer."

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