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Watch: Kelly Rowland's Response For A Destiny's Child Reunion Has Fans On Their Knees — Video

Kelly Rowland, one third of Destiny's Child who rose to fame in the early 2000s with Beyoncé, and Michelle Williams, has responded to questions about reuniting with the girl group following their Coachella performance last month.

Destiny's Child reunited to perform several of their classic hits such as "Survivor" and "Independent Women" at the 2013 Superbowl and also at Coachella last month. Fans have been dying to known if the ladies will join forces again in the future. Kelly addressed a possible reunion in a new interview.

Kelly was recently confronted by "Today" show's entertainment editor, Richard Wilkins, for previously lying about Destiny's Child reuniting for the Coachella Festival. 

She admitted that she couldn’t share the details of the surprise performance, but revealed she and her band mates haven't ruled out the possibility of a reunion. 

In their previous interview, Richard had asked about a reunion, but Kelly refused to provide a straight answer, explaining that she was still waiting for the "situation [to] present itself."
Backstage ‘Nannigans!!

At the time of her interview, plans were already in the works for a surprise gig at Coachella.

Richard called her out on her lie, with Rowland responding, "I knew you were going to pick a bone with me for this one! As I said it there, lying, I thought, 'Oh this is going to feel bad in a couple weeks.'"
I ❤ my girlfriends! #DC3Forever

Kelly said of their Coachella performance, "It's just awesome that it was felt around the world."

She explained that when she was in Australia working on "The Voice" and had flown back to the United States for rehearsals for Coachella.

Richard steered the interview back to her dishonesty, stating, "So when you blatantly lied to me, you were actually flying backwards and forwards?"

Kelly laughed and said, "Oh God! Someone help me please."

When asked about a permanent Destiny's Child reunion, She admitted they haven't talked about a longer-term run, but teased that she would "never say never."

The singer said, "You saw how much fun we had on stage together, but it's not something we've talked about."

She continued, "Michelle's getting ready for her wedding, Bey and Jay are on tour and I'm gearing up for a record. I'm excited for us because we're all doing different things, but extremely close. [We have] no plans, but never say never."

Watch our girl Kelly talk about the Beychella/Destiny’s Child reunion and the possibility of another reunion in the video below.

Destiny's Child fans will be happy to hear that Rowland refused to rule out the possibility of a reunion with her former band mates.

We can hear Destiny's Child fans crossing their fingers right now.

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