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Keke Wyatt Remarries After Ex-Husband Michael Jamar Left Her 8-Months Pregnant For ‘American Idol’ Star

What a difference a year can make.

R&B singer Keke Wyatt is in a much better place these days. And it seems that she has a new husband she knows will support her through thick and thin. 

In September 2017 (yep… as in 14 months ago), her then husband, Michael Jamar Ford, left her when she was 8-months pregnant and taking care of their child with cancer. 

Despite all the drama that has surrounded her relationship status, the R&B Divas: Atlanta star has revealed to TMZ that she is happily remarried to a man that will have "her back forever."

Yesss! Keke and Zachariah Darring tied the knot last month in Indianapolis, surrounded by only a few family members. Apparently, he is her very first childhood boyfriend! 

And Keke is positive that Zachariah will have her back forever, unlike her ex, Michael Ford. She believes that Michael is "toxic" and full of himself.  

The singer also told the publication that her kid is also cancer-free!

She also had some choice words for Michael’s supposed side-chick Paris Bennett (of American Idol fame), saying, “You know who the mistress is because she looks like she played in the movie Gremlins.”

Mean? Sure. But, according to Keke, the betrayal from the cheating was two-fold, as Michael’s lover was someone that Keke considered a friend and “little sister”; she had even welcomed the woman into her home.

Um, can we just say that we are glad that Keke and Michael are no longer together? Because their dynamic was really bizarre.  

As mentioned, at the time of their split, Wyatt was 8 months pregnant and caring for a child that stricken with cancer.

“You want to know something, America? When you 8 months pregnant and you got a child sick, in and out of the hospital, and your husband got the nerve to tell you that he wants a divorce,” Keke had vented when the split was still fresh. “Because… he says that you’re an emotional wreck. He says that from the very beginning you never trusted me and all that kind of stuff...”.

“Yeah, telling other people, other women that ‘we’re getting a divorce’ and ‘if she calls,’ like what? I am so done with Michael Jamar. Ya’ll can have him and roast his [expletive]. I don’t care.”

He had pushed back against her version of events, stating, “For over seven years I have been Keke’s husband, backbone, friend, confidant, and support system. I have loved, raised, supported, and cared for every child in our family (biological or not), including our son who is currently battling leukemia. I will continue to be that person and do all of these things, but I will not be her husband”.

“I can no longer allow our children to live in a toxic environment and, because I love Keke, I can no longer accept toxic behavior. A home should be a refuge of peace from the inequity and harshness of the world..."

And cheers to Keke’s now-healthy kiddo. 

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