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Katt Williams’ Relationship With ‘LHHH’ Star Hazel-E Is Reportedly Coming Back To Haunt Him

Uh, this story is kind of bizarre.

Katt Williams is reportedly under investigation by the IRS. Sure, sounds correct enough.

But the odd part is that they are reportedly getting in touch with his ex-girlfriend, reality TV villain Hazel-E, in order to dig up dirt.

According to TMZ, sources close to the ex-Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star dished that federal agents in "street clothes" appeared at her door a few days ago (without advanced notice) to question her about her former flame and his "financial dealings."

While Hazel initially wouldn’t comply with their request—and refused to open the door—they wouldn’t budge and threatened to return with a search warrant. So, she evidently obliged and let them in.

The agents reportedly asked Hazel E about Katt maybe-hiding money, which she said she had no knowledge of.  She also told them that she had not opened any accounts for him in her name. However, she did open up about gifts he purchased for her while they were together, including a boob and butt job back in 2016.

When pressed about Katt’s mental state, she supposedly replied, "He's genuinely insane."

The details about their now-defunct romance are really intense. She might have even miscarried his baby. Sad. She also once had "guns pointed at her chest" during a raid on Katt's home.

Long ago, she opened up about her mindset, saying, "I want Katt to get some actual help. He’s really angry right now and whatever that aggression is coming from, I want him to get it together because I have so much love for him."

Hm. Hazel also once exacted revenge on the troubled comedian by flaunting a supposed tattoo of his name on a pretty, um, private region online, presumably to rile up Jhonni Blaze.  She captioned a clip with a very pointed message.

“#DrakeVoice And by the way I did not burn the house, just got the panamera re-customized, and diamonds will forever stay dancing on me, and all off the assets I have are secure & my new nose is healing amazing “FYI he didn’t pay for this one” so #carryon & to Johnni no Blaze you couldn’t possibly be with 😻 your backgrounds in your flicks aren’t epic enough, still not ridin foreign and still wearing a g shock, actually he had his ring back on & the BBC hat I bought him in the last video… You will send him back to me, he wouldnt & will never will claim you…"

"So go play in traffic with them Wally World thighs, & thunder cat knee caps, I do not care if he has a new lady, if she makes him happy, remember I choose to leave, I just hate fake friend [expletive] [expletive] diving in dumpsters looking for my leftovers… You’ll never be me! Go back to the pole or the bath tub or maybe I’ll just call champagne papi on that [expletive].”

Anyway, good luck, Katt!

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