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Katt Williams Wants To See Kevin Hart In These Streets As He Goes All The Way Off On Him In New Rant

Uh, this has sure turned into a real mess.

(Side note: Do you remember when Katt Williams and Kevin Hart got into a tiff a few years ago?)

Well, Katt has kicked his just-revived feud with Kevin up a few notches as he’s ready to swap fisticuffs with him.  

During an Instagram live session, he accused Kevin of exploiting the tension between the two of them to sell tickets. Williams also cleared up comments about his tour style and insinuated that Hart’s popularity in the U.S. has decreased.

“Kevin’s been pretending he’s on a world tour but that [expletive] been everywhere but [expletive] here,” he said.

“That [expletive] all up through Saskatchewan, he got 19 shows in Russia, he’s then going over to Brazil for a show but anywhere but these mother[expletive]ing hoods for a show,” he said. “He’s off making $85 million while I’m not making $85 million but it’s all good. I don’t mind making $1 million a month and keeping my soul.”

And then he dropped some threats.

“I don’t give a [expletive] how many Crips you pay, [expletive], you’re going to see me in real life [expletive]. Because I know one of these [expletive] on here report directly to you […] I was just in the gym and I’m headed to Floyd Mayweather’s – and I’m going to knock your [expletive] mouth sideways,” Katt ranted on-camera.

Katt’s most recent rift stems from remarks that Kevin aimed at him, during a sit down with Power 105.1 The Breakfast Club.

Ticked off over the way Katt discredited the success of fellow comics Lil Rel, Jerrod Carmichael and Tiffany Haddish during a chat on Atlanta radio station V-103, Kevin made it a point to fact-check Katt and prove that Tiffany worked hard to get where she is.

“So when you say Tiffany Haddish doesn’t deserve, or isn’t really a comedian, and these other women have worked hard, which they have,” he declared. “Shoutouts to Melanie Comarcho, shoutouts to Luenell, shoutouts to Leslie Jones, who are all underneath the umbrella of Katt Williams.” 

“Katt Williams, have you ever used your platform to f[expletive]g bring the people that were under you up? You haven’t! You f[expletive]ed you. Nobody else did... Don't s[expletive]t on my sister's light 'cause you're not happy with your [ish].”

He then brought up Katt’s history of substance abuse and how it likely contributed to his drop in the industry, explaining, “You had the shot. You were the guy. You were set up to be the star. You didn’t show up to work.”

Kevin wasn’t done though. He swung through Sway In The Morning on SiriusXM hours prior to Katt lashing out on IG. The comedian noted that nothing Katt says can actually hurt him personally; rather he was expounding on a larger problem concerning the failure of Black entertainers to support one another, professionally.

Anyway, Katt toned it down a bit on Saturday, as the newly-minted Emmy Award winner recommended that those watching check out Tiffany and Kevin in Night School. But he wrapped it up by reminding Kevin that it is still “on sight” between them.

Should Katt take a step back and reassess the situation? Or does Kevin deserve the scrutiny

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