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The Internet Has Strong Feelings After Karlie Redd Debuts New Bae, Fresh Off Split From Sean Garrett — Photos

Karlie Redd's relationship with Sean Garrett may be over due to her love of drama, but the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star has already snagged her a new man!

Karlie did not reveal the identity of her new man, but she certainly appeared to be having a blast.

Some of Karlie's fans were unaware she had split from Sean Garrett, while others weighed in on her inability to keep a man.

One follower noted, "She stays with a new boo doesn't she? Whhhhhaaaat in da Benzino, Young joc , Life Jennings, Ceaser, Sean Garrett, now this dude. I'm running out of commas. What is going on in here?"

Another person noted, "I was about to comment on the fact that she got a new boo like every....nvm the comment sections lit enough. Has anyone ever made it to a year? She treat these dudes like a temp agency."

See Karlie’s New Bae below:

Other fans had a few jokes:

One person wrote, "She should stop showing us every relationship she in because ma looking like she got more bodies than Jim Jones. 😩."

Another added, "I wonder what her gynecologist says when he check her mileage 😭."

Did your favorite #lhhatl reality star #KarlieRedd get wifed up in real life?!? If so, congratulations to the messy queen herself! #lhh #lhhatlana #vh1 #vh1loveandhiphop #thelocaltea #gossip #thetea #TrendingNews

Karlie's most recent relationship with Sean Garrett ended after he grew tired of the constant turmoil. Sean wasn't a fan of Karlie always having her nose in other people's business and her love of stirring up drama.

On a recent episode of "LHHATL", Karlie started drama when she and Sean had a double-date to go bowling.

Spice showed up with Tabius and Karlie was shocked, especially since she wasn't aware of his split with Tokyo.

Karlie begins questioning Tabius on the status of his relationship with Tokyo, telling him, "I need to hear it. 'I broke up with Tokyo'"

I’m still #1 Don’t believe me just watch.Im gonna shock the world,watch my next move.

Karlie fills Tabius in on being on the outs with Tokyo too and Sean grows increasingly annoyed with Karlie for being in everybody’s business.

Sean was so over Karlie's meddling ways and called her out in front of their friends, but she refused to back down. 

Sean let it be known he wasn't there for the drama, telling her he needs to do some thinking about their relationship. She stood her ground and stated he wasn't going to tell her how to behave.

The pair get into a nasty argument over her messy ways, which leads to Sean storming out of the bowling alley. He accidentally left his shoes behind and Karlie informs everyone she plans to burn them.

Sean let Karlie know he doesn't want to be involved with all the drama and appears to be ready to call it quits. She apologizes and promises to do better, before letting him know she expects an engagement ring soon. They certainly didn't appear to be on the same page!
I gave u a break! I put u on for free! I gave u dat game! Yea all dat was me!

Garrett later meets up with his friends Yung Joc and BK Brasco, discussing Karlie's messy behavior. He realizes BK had been cheating as Karlie had said, telling his pals he split with Karlie over all the drama. 

“Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” Season 8 airs Mondays at 8/7 p.m. CST on VH1.

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