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Kandi Burruss Explains Why She's Still Not Forgiving Porsha Williams For Spreading That Dungeon Druggin’ Rumor

Guess what is keeping Kandi Burruss from making amends with Porsha Williams? 

“The lies, the lies, THE LIES”…

NeNe Leakes and Porsha had it out on the latest episode of Real Housewives Of Atlanta. In San Francisco too.

The two bounced back and forth, arguing about who was “angry”.

NeNe claims it is Porsha, considering she is in anger management. Porsha feels that NeNe could take a class or two. Haha.

Things kicked up into even edgier gear when Porsha, once again, alleged that NeNe tried to get her and Phaedra Parks fired for spreading those sex dungeon drugging rumors.

“I never called and tried to get you [expletive] fired!” NeNe shouted. “Nobody had your back but me, [expletive]!”

She did add in a little stab though, by saying, “You deserve some discipline for what you did to Kandi!”

Months ago, while chatting it up with Andy Cohen at the Bravo clubhouse, NeNe mused, “Porsha is not innocent at all as I’ve said to so many people, Porsha is just as guilty as Phaedra […] She ain’t that damn dumb.”

“Who sits up and carries this lie out throughout the entire season without even asking?”

Anyway, on Sunday, Kandi popped onto Instagram to show appreciation for a fan who defended her decision to stay pissed. 

“For those who watch #RHOA & say I should just get over the false accusations that Porsha said about me last year need to leave me alone,” Kandi penned. “You can’t just falsely accuse someone of trying to drug you & take advantage of you on camera with the intent of defaming them & think it’s just gonna be ok a month later.”

“This is my REAL life not my REEL life like @grammarci said,” she explained. “If the truth wouldn’t have came out some of y’all would’ve been putting me in the box with some of those predators that are being put on blast right now. All because her [expletive] was spreading lies about me on national tv. So stop putting a timeline on when I’m suppose to forgive & forget.”

Fair enough, no?

More RHOA news! Kenya Moore might be pregnant!

Congratulations to our girl #KenyaMoore who is currently rejoicing in her pregnancy news!! ❗️👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽. Moore, 46 isn’t trying to make the announcement for another few months when she’s in her safe zone but she and new husband #MarcDaly were trying rigorously! 🍭 Two weeks ago Kenya spent some time in #Barbados doing IVF treatments with special doctors and Marc flew down there to meet her! ➰ We are happy for her! Finally she can experience everything #KimZolciak says she couldn’t! #IOBexclusive ** EDITORS NOTE: for the slow blasties, this is an old photo of Kenya playing around! 

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