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Kandi Burruss Just Went On TV And Spilled All Of The Messiness Involving Porsha Williams' New Fiancé

After the teaser for upcoming episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta indicated that Kandi Burruss has some not so positive scoop on Porsha Williams‘ new husband-to-be, the singer is dishing on those details in a new interview.

Kandi appeared on E!’s Daily Pop to chat about the matter. And we wonder what Porsha is going to say about the allegation-spilling. She is expecting his child!

“I knew some people that he had also dated or whatever and some of the timelines were overlapping,” Kandi insisted. “And it was a few things that I just kinda felt like at that time she should know, seeing as though they had a new relationship … But the weird part was, she and I were in this place where we were trying to make things right and it’s kinda weird to bring information they don’t want to hear when … we were trying to fix our relationship.”

Kandi confessed that it is very typical for the ladies of RHOA to discuss one another’s new beaus. And Dennis was no different.

“He didn’t get a pass and you’ll see!” she dished. 

Watch Kandi spill the Tea on Porsha’s man with E!’s Daily Pop, below:

Previously in the RHOA season 11 trailer, which bowed Sunday, Nov. 4, Kandi claimed that Porsha’s fiancé Dennis was “a dog” and she indicated she had some dirt on him in a conversation with her husband Todd Tucker…which will play out this Sunday, November 11.

“I didn’t want to be like, ‘I got tea on somebody,’” Kandi said, before her hubby advised her to stay out of it and the clip cut away.

Scandalous? Maybe. Fans soon brought their opinions into the mix.

“Can I just listen to @kandi n not watch the show? Her commentaries give me life…juicier than the show.”


“The women on this show has talked about everybody’s man, Porsha’s is not exempt. The only reason people have an issue with Kandi talking about Porsha man is because they’re not the best of friends right now. If Kandi and Porsha was still cool no one would be commenting saying Kandi is a hater or she is jealous of her, y’all would be saying that she is just looking out for her friend.”

We guess the beef we all thought was resolved recently between co-stars Kandi Burruss and Porsha Williams is definitely back on as their short-term friendship is already crashing down to the ground.

Do you think that Dennis is keeping secrets from Porsha? And is it Kandi’s place to expose them?

Season 11 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sunday nights at 8p/7p central on BRAVO.

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