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K. Michelle Speaks Out On Sex Cult Allegations Involving Rumored Ex R. Kelly

K. Michelle is currently promoting her upcoming album, Kimberly: The People I Used to Know, and sat down with Billboard to discuss her former relationship with R. Kelly and the sexual abuse allegations against him.

It was reported in July that Kelly was running an abusive 'sex cult', holding young women he had groomed against their will. 

Three former members of the R&B singer's 'cult' detailed their abusive relationships with Kelly. Another woman came forward in August to reveal she had a sexual relationship with Kelly while underage. 

Kelly has denied all of the allegations against him.

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K. Michelle discussed the shocking allegations against Kelly with Billboard, stating, "I’m not surprised by them, I’m actually going to be speaking more about it because I do feel like it’s my obligation as a woman to tell the truth and to do right by other females that are in the business and all these young women who don’t have a voice."

Michelle said the situation has been really bothering her and she feels the need to speak out. The singer said she has dealt with the backlash after coming forward with her own stories of abuse.

Michelle said, "I’ve dealt with other abuse and I tried to tell but when I was telling people were calling me a liar, they were bashing me, they were telling me I was hateful."

She explained, "To read those comments about these women, these young women, these little girls and how people were so naïve to reality or just didn’t give a [expletive] about the reality and to call these little girls liars and to really take them down, is something I don’t really know right now if I’m willing to stand aside and watch it happen."

She continues, "But I can honestly tell you right now that I have yet to find the proper platform and the proper way to protect and voice my support for these women. I’m not here to bash but right is right and wrong is wrong. That’s all I can really say right now."

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Michelle admits she can't confirm if all the allegations against Kelly are true, but stated "there’s something that is true.”

She explains, "I can’t speak on it. I do believe that in every piece of the story there’s something that is true and I’ve learned so much from my mentor and it’s just the right time and place to say things, to do it properly so that the people you’re trying to help are actually helped instead of taunted so I’ll be speaking more about it but I’ll be doing it in the right way."

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