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‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’ Co-Stars K. Michelle And Teairra Mari Expose Each Other In Epic War Of Words

Um, carve out a few minutes for this one…

Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood castmates Teairra Mari and K. Michelle have gotten into quite an online tiff. Go figure. 

The tension seems to have roots in Teairra’s revenge video case; she previously accused her married ex-lover (who apparently may also have a mistress?), Akbar, of leaking footage of their intimate encounter onto social media and reportedly chose to sue him, as well as 50 Cent.

So, K. Michelle appears to have jumped in and drawn a comparison between this situation and that of another Love & Hip Hop member’s—Mimi Faust.

A late-night Instagram Live session and one “yikes”-worthy iMessage thread later and the duo seem to be on the edge of an even more explosive battle.  Lots of verbal attacks…and perhaps it will soon turn physical? 


How did it all begin? Teairra popped onto Instagram to air out K. Michelle’s commentary, saying that K drawing a comparison to Mimi’s (infamous 2014 “leaked”) bedroom tape shenanigans. Pretty much insinuating that Teairra concocted the whole revenge tape ploy this entire time.

 “Why the f[expletive]k would I do it and not get a coin?” Teairra demanded. “So K. Michelle, you can suck my d[expletive]k too, B[expletive]h!”

The feud only heated more between the two R&B singers as they continued to exchange Instagram screenshots of their verbal altercation.

K. Michelle brought up Rihanna, who was Teairra’s ex-label counterpart at Def Jam. Teairra Mari and Rihanna both released their debut albums in 2005 just weeks apart. The label initially put the bigger focus on Teairra but as we all have seen, Rihanna became the bigger star.

In a low-blow to the former Roc Nation songstress. K. Michelle took a jab at Mari and wrote, “Hmmm. You know what I was just thinking? I always thought [Rihanna] was wayyy better.”

K posted shared more screenshots of a message that Teairra had sent her, writing, “Someone please help her.”

“She didn’t have no daddy around when she was growing up. Those drugs is serious. Tape and lies. I’M NOT A FIGHTER I’M A LOVER. I come in peace!”

Though K. Michelle insisted that she came in peace with this sentiment, Teairra didn’t have the same take. “Don’t play [expletive] I’ll punch you on site,” the text messages from Teairra read. “Don’t get in my [expletive] ! Horse face [expletive]. Keep talking.”

Teairra then posted the same thread of texts, adding in a message for her newly-minted rival.

Mari chose to take aim at K.’s professional shortcomings by mentioning K’s ex-foe Keyshia Cole (who shares a Love & Hip Hop Hollywood spot on the cast list with the ladies). “And [expletive] keyshia cole is better with yo rotten p[expletive]y a[expletive]s…don’t play with me…[it’s] on f[expletive]g sight…” 

“@kmichellemusic You Keyshia coleslaw a[expletive] off beat Mary J B[expletive]h,” she continued. “Tell the whole story H[expletive]e…I might not had a daddy around, but you sho can’t raise a man (son). B[expletive]h like I said #onsight.”

Well, she then asked K to drop her pin so she could pull up and address their conflict in-person, though K replied by saying “rich”.

Messy. But it’s time to dig in. Who is in the wrong here? Teairra? K. Michelle? Both of them ?

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