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The Internet Has Many Questions After These New Photos Surface Online Of K. Michelle

Harpo, who is this woman?

I think we can all agree that R&B songbird K. Michelle has been pretty open about all of the work she’s had done on her body throughout her career, especially the silicone butt injections that she got removed earlier this year. 

“I’ve gone through a physical transformation, a mental transformation, I think I’m more tough,” she said during recovery.

Despite how open she’s been about that, the Love & Hip Hop starlet has always “faced” rumors about whether or not  she’s had work on her face (see what we did there), and if she’s “lightened her complexion” or “bleached her skin.”

Welp, the latter accusations are back after a new set of photos shared by the 34-year-old on Instagram, 

Flexing in Fashion Nova, the singer wanted to let everyone know that she was feeling herself. 

R&B GOAT @d.manns @daishalaid @the_nikkichanel Pretty thangs❤️

While many told her she looked gorgeous; others noticed a much lighter skin tone and asked “what happened to K. Michelle?”

So in my own head ❤️ @fashionnova

One person asked: “Harpo, who is this woman? Girl stop, you knew people were going to question your skin color when you posted the dam pic. You know dam well you looked 15 shades lighter. Just like you speculated that Teairra Marie leaked her own tape people are going to speculate about you if you are dishing you should be able to take it. Either way idc what you had done; you are beautiful, you were before you had any work done and you’re beautiful now!”

A second fan said: “Pics getting lighter and lighter..Soon you going to be looking like Marlon Wayans in White Chicks.”

Another commenter stated: “Whoever bleached K. Michelle to smithereens did a good job. They got the knuckles. People usually forget the knuckles.”

“The self hate is real!”

“I specifically remember you being browner sis… This makes me sad. I don’t get what’s wrong with being brown. did  I miss something. She just don’t know that Black is beautiful,” another wrote.”

No worries, I hardly take offense. Money for revenge, man,that’s hardly an expense @dhairboutique

K. Michelle decided to clap back in a lengthy post on Instagram.

She wrote: “Me, three days ago in my @fashionnova I think I’m still black. The [ish] all of you makeup when you just can’t find anything to hang a person. I’ve been fighting for my life for six months. Umm, of course, I don’t look the same. Seriously. I was Like seriously sick to the point of not knowing if I would still be here. I almost lost my life; I won’t let you take it. Your own people will make fun of you when you really on some positive [ish]. Told my story to save a life. I would do it all over again.”

The singer went on to add: “I’m not no coward. I take my [ish] and own it. So let’s clear it 1. Bleaching- Never done it and don’t even know how. I just got completely healthy a month ago. Mean- Yes, as F[expletive]K Dropped- Actually never been dropped my whole career NOT Once. I always asked and fought for my release honestly! My Butt- I admitted it to the world, unlike your favorites. I wanted to help women. Now my [butt] is ALL real. Now what? My nose- Yes it’s pinched My P[expletive]y- A go-to rumor of discussion from people who never even met me. Sooo… NOW What? I’m me! Are you? I’m sorry I’m going to change the world. My own way, 1 woman at a time!”

See the post in full below: 

Let the record show that while K. Michelle is trying to be more positive these days, she’ll never hold her tongue for anyone.

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