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The Internet Comes For K. Michelle After Sharing The One Thing Ex Idris Elba Did That Still Bothers Her

Case of the Ex?

Always outspoken & unfiltered, K. Michelle has never been scared to talk about anything. 

Nothing is off limits including exes, and she doesn’t care if they've even moved on to become engaged to be married.

For those who might be confused, Idris Elba and R&B singer had an 8-month "situationship" a few years back (2014-2015).

In an upcoming episode of TV ONE’s Uncensored, K. Michelle opens up about her past romantic involvement with Idris Elba and shared how the actor hurt her upon the end of their run together.

The reality tv star explained how it “was like a movie” meeting Idris at the Soul Train Awards and later hitting it off at an after party.

“I was at Soul Train [Awards] and I hear this accent say, “K. Michelle you’re beautiful.’ I told him to his face, ‘Your jeans too tight and your accent funny.’ He did the sweetest thing ever, he dedicated to me “never trust a big butt and a smile.” I didn’t give him my number, my bodyguard did. He text me and said ‘I’m going to this party’ and I said ‘I’m going too.’ So I went to this party with Wale but me and Wale are like brother and sister. He [Idris] said “ouch but not out” because he thought I was with Wale. [Then] he went out to L.A. and I went to L.A. and that was just history.”

On #TVOne's #Uncensored, #KMichelle opens up about why her past romance with #IdrisElba was so hurtful. She also calls out the actor and black women. 

And since the British superstar doesn’t speak much about his private life, many people didn’t believe her when she shared to the public they were intimate with each other. 

The Love & Hip Hop star felt like Black women in particular were the most hurtful about the reveal. 

“I think that what hurt, black women, black women was like, ‘She’s so ghetto. Why he date her?’

“What you do not understand is everything he went through, from the passing of his father all the way down, I was the one that was there. I was never hid. People just never assumed.”

K. Michelle also went on to share she didn’t like the fact Elba never stood up for her publicly after announcing her 2014 album, Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart, was all about him. 

“It just got to the point for me, I miss my friend more than anything. And I felt like he didn’t defend me. I feel like when people were calling me a liar, again, about my relationship…I’ve been sitting here with this man for like what nine months. I just could not believe we were spending so much time together. He just did not come out and say, ‘Stop attacking her.’”

“Or he didn’t come out and say, ‘This is my friend. I know about this album. I know all of this.’ So I feel like I’m not over that. I feel like you picked looking like a great guy over someone who had your back through everything.”

“When you didn’t get nominated for Mandela…when you cried, everything, I had your back. And you didn’t have mine in the midst of everybody tweeting me and attacking me…Calling me a liar. You just sat there and let them do it.”

Let K. Michelle tell it, Idris’ silence during that time period showed her that he was never a true friend.

“So I wish him the best but to me, he showed that he wasn’t my friend.”

After the internet caught wind of the singer’s words, they didn't exactly have nice things to say.

One person wrote: “Girl, nine months? You’re talking like you were together for nine years. And now you’re so angry at not being claimed, you’re throwing jabs and telling his business? Whack.”

Another commenter stated: “I’ve heard they dated but have never heard him mention her. I actually thought she was obsessed with him and lying.”

A third follower shared: “Girl, I know it hurt but let it go. He clearly don’t want you like that. It’s okay. God got other plans, better plans than you could imagine.”

The Uncensored episode featuring K. Michelle airs this Sunday at 10/9 pm central on TV One.

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