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OH, LAWD! K.Michelle and Idris Elba getting BACK TOGETHER?! Get a load of THIS:

K.Michelle Says She Wants Idris Elba Back But Does He Feel The Same Way?

Singer and reality TV show star K.Michelle recently revealed during a Q&A Session for “Anybody Wanna Buy A Heart?” was influenced entirely by a very recent heartbreak.

The big booty singer admitted that her latest album and songs were based on a relationship with married Hollyweird actor Idris Elba…

“I make it very clear with my exes from the beginning, they know me, they know I write songs about them. If I can’t write a song about you, I’m not going to date you. So when you step into this, I’m the Black Taylor Swift, you better be ready.”

During the listening event, she also previewed a very personal track and what’s sure to be the fan-favorite, titled “Maybe I Should Call,” which is rumored to be about Idris Elba. In the lyrics she sings:

Long distance in the way of what could be. 
Even when you’re here, you’re not with me
. She’s having the child I should’ve carried. 
I’ll be damned if yall get married. 
How’s the baby, How you adjusting? 
Ain’t gon work, you got problems trusting
. Let me stop, I’m supposed to be focused
. But these nights are the coldest

. Will you ever let her go? I don’t know
. Will I ever be first? I hope
. But I ain’t just sitting around, can’t wait for someone to sing my worth. 
Damn I can’t compete with a baby
. Is there any room left in your heart for me.

She said of the heartfelt track:

“’Maybe I Should Call,’ tells a true story about what I was going through the past 8 -9 months. The whole album is about one particular person and I think that [although] people don’t want to be heartbroken, I really thank God for this heartbreak because I wouldn’t have had these songs. So, I just wonder who the next man is gonna be before the next album, because if I don’t find one to break my heart, we all in trouble.

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