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K. Michelle Quits ‘Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’, Drags Her Dentist Bae And Says She's Going To Cheat With This Rapper

In case you weren’t in the know, Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood returns for a new season on July 23rd with newbie K. Michelle alongside Teairra Mari, Princesss Love, Moniece Slaughter

But in a quick turn of events, Guess we won’t be seeing K. Michelle popping up on  Hollywood edition after all. 

Or maybe just for a bit? (We have already heard plenty about her “plastic surgery nightmare” though, we feel.) Depends what they do with the editing, we guess.

Well, according to K. Michelle, she is out. She is saying as much all over Twitter.

Upon being asked, "Sis, why you aint tell me you was gonna be on LHH Hollywood ? @kmichelle", she replied, "I’m not. I quit already. They reach so much they lose [sic] the truth. I’m cool".

Oh, someone else touched on this, penning,"@kmichelle ummm anyone is going to acknowledge my bff will be back on lhhh or nah ???? Or was I tripping 😐.  💜🦋". K. soon responded, explaining, "Im not love. Done done".

Oh and “[F] that commercial” in regards to the new Love & Hip Hop Hollywood commercial promoting her “botched surgery” as part of the promo for new season.

As of this posting, it’s not clear if that means K. Michelle is no longer filming or if she’ll get Mona Scott Young to scrap her footage completely.

In the midst of her rant about Love & Hip Hop Hollywood tho, she also aired out someone for fans to see.

Many are also speculating that she may be splitting with Dr. Kastan Sims, the Memphis dentist K was planning to have surrogate twins with.

"I hate a liar or an innocent dude. You Just a weak [B-Word] Sit there like I did something wrong when you know you did it. That’s a different type sick liar to lie to their own mother. If a man lock door in fear from some mess he did, that’s a coward," she recently tweeted.

She followed that up by saying she’ll cheat and will do it with rapper Lil Vert.

All while uploading a picture with her forever “Best Friend” Safaree on Instagram at the same time. 

It’s always forever @iamsafaree #bestfriend

Shady or Nah?

She then returned to twitter to continue ranting about how she hates weak & lying men. 

K. Michelle does have a way of making exits from reality shows though, right? Long ago, she may have left ”Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” because it was painting her in a bad light and she was “never going back again”.

"Honestly, when I saw ‘Birth of a Nation’. I started getting mad at myself. I didn’t film ‘Love and Hip Hop’ anymore after that because I saw that and I said, ‘Girl, you up here trying to fight, fight with bag lady. I mean, you fight with these people and what you fighting for? What are you doing it for?"

"It made me say, all these little girls looking at you throwing drinks, candles, mad at women…doing all of that. Yeah, they may have hurt you but you ain’t gon be no better if you keep getting on this TV doing that…I’m not going back to that. After I saw that movie, I felt bad about my behavior, period."

K. eventually ended up changing her mind though; she explained why to Wendy Williams.

“They offered me a lot of money, and also I did great with marketing on there. I have a restaurant I’m about to open in Atlanta, I have this Jack Daniels endorsement, I’m the first African-American to ever be endorsed by Jack … so I needed it.”

But she wasn’t totally happy about the choice.

“I’ve always been opinionated, but I feel like being on that show, being opinionated and throwing a drink are different things... so I was on that show, and it was the lowest point of my life, and now people don’t want me to live that down. I just keep fighting, and I just keep improving. I can’t please everybody.”

The fifth season of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood returns Monday, July 23 at 8:00 PM ET on VH1.

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