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K. Michelle Exposes Paris; Drags Her With Reads & Receipts On Social Media After ‘LHH’ Altercation — Video

Or does Paris deserve the legal slap for allegedly helping herself to K’s money?

Their dynamic first took a hit when they were on K. Michelle’s LHH spin-off, K. Michelle, My Life as K. called Paris out for using her credit card to get a $50 Uber ride. The two made peace, but that soon fell apart. 

This week on Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood, K. Michelle was tired of Paris making her "look like the bad guy" when it came to the way that their friendship collapsed, so she decided to end things once and for all. 

What’d she do? Pulled out actual receipts.

Paris apparently craves closure too. After a conversation with Moniece in London, she realized that she's still upset with how Kimberly handled things and slandered her name. She even brings some cold hard cash to pay her back with.

Kimberly & Paris clash 👀 #LHHH #LoveAndHipHop #LoveAndHipHopHollywood #RealityTV

And…then the duo ended up in a screaming match, complete with a tossed drink.

K. Michelle called Paris a thief (many times); Paris dubbed K. Michelle, a "Fake-[expletive] Keyshia Cole."

Haha. Oh no.

And that wasn’t that. Both jumped onto social media to air their issues, after the show aired.

K. Michelle posted the literal receipts marked "FRAUD" to her Instagram, warning, "never ever [expletive] on someone who fed you and had your back...I can dry off but your thieving spirit will remain."

(She also recently wrote, “You won’t steal from me, and hit me AFTER I’ve paid your bills and raised you. I put you on TV. Sorry I ain’t no snitch but it’s to [sic] much money at stake 4memphis K 2react.”)

Well, Paris popped over to Instagram live to ensure everyone got her side of the story.

"You just mad because you thought you finished me,” she declared.


Once the details of their altercation started floating around the web, fans and followers jumped in to chat about it. K. Michelle took note and tried to set the record straight.

"A drink was thrown, we were nowhere in any physical altercation. Not even close. Nobody ever threw any hands! But you won't steal from [me] and throw something. I have to handle it the Jewish way so I won't get sued," she shared, at the time.

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