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K. Michelle Spills All The Tea On Ex-Idris Elba & Shares Some Strong Thoughts About His New Fiancée

Case of the Ex?

Always outspoken & unfiltered, K. Michelle have never been scared to talk about anything. 

Nothing is off limits including exes, and she doesn’t care if they've even moved on to become engaged to be married.

In a lengthy interview with Jason Lee of Hollywood Unlocked, the R&B singer opened up about past relationship with Actor Idris Elba and shared some thoughts about his new fiancée Sabrina Dhowre.

For the record, Idris Elba and K. Michelle has an 8-month "situationship" a few years back.

In her chat with Jason, the Love & Hip Hop star explained how it “was like a movie” meeting Idris at the Soul Train Awards and later hitting it off at an after party.

“I was at Soul Train [Awards] and I hear this accent say, “K. Michelle you’re beautiful.’ I told him to his face, ‘Your jeans too tight and your accent funny.’ He did the sweetest thing ever, he dedicated to me “never trust a big butt and a smile.” I didn’t give him my number, my bodyguard did. He text me and said ‘I’m going to this party’ and I said ‘I’m going too.’ So I went to this party with Wale but me and Wale are like brother and sister. He [Idris] said “ouch but not out” because he thought I was with Wale. [Then] he went out to L.A. and I went to L.A. and that was just history.”

She then explained how Idris made it clear to her that he would never commit but while she was with him, she’d ‘be taking care of’. 

“We didn’t hide though; I wanted him to know that I wasn’t trying to pull anything. He took the baby mama [Naiyana Garth] to the carpet, and I was tweeting little stuff and they’re trying to calm me down.”

She continued: “I didn’t know that that woman was pregnant and around him in the U.K. He was so charming, it was like a movie. He told me he would never be committed to one woman and he said, I would be “taken care of ” but ‘I would never be committed to one woman.'”

She then went on a bit of a tangent, sharing that she believes Idris’ fiancée, Sabrina Dhowre, has something she couldn't provide since the actor finally decided to settle down.

“Now I’m like, Damn [girl], [Sabrina] you had something I didn’t have!” [but] that wasn’t supposed to be my man,” K. Michelle said. “I learned the most from him, it wasn’t a volatile, angry relationship.”

For those hoping K. Michelle would spill tea about Idris’ bedroom game, no worries because she went there. 

Talking about Elba’s work in the bedroom, the Memphis-born singer says “[It's not wack] — like, amazing head! I remember that head!”

K. Michelle went on to talk about controversial moments in her career, relationships with R. Kelly & Memphitz, illegal butt shots and more. Click here to listen. 

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