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K. Michelle Opens Up About Altercation With Ex-Bestie During ‘LHH’ Taping This Week

Who knew K. Michelle was so litigious?

Just when it appeared that K. Michelle and her sometimes-friend Paris Phillips had buried the latest batch of bickering burns, we learn the pair are on the outs yet again.

Their issues began where the pair were on K. Michelle’s LHH spin-off, K. Michelle, My Life.

The duo reportedly reignited their feud after a recent Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood taping and now K is threatening legal action...

TheJasmineBrand is reporting that K and Paris were filming a scene when a conversation about Paris supposedly charging a $50 Uber ride to singer's account without permission turned into a near physical altercation.

The tiff supposedly began as a verbal disagreement and ended with Paris, who previously worked as K's assistant, allegedly tossing a drink at the singer and throwing a plastic cup at her head.


Once the details of this incident went viral, fans quickly took to social media to air their thoughts on everything.

K. Michelle noticed the discussion and took to her comments to set the record straight about her options going forward.

"A drink was thrown, we were nowhere in any physical altercation. Not even close. Nobody ever threw any hands! But you won't steal from [me] and throw something. I have to handle it the Jewish way so I won't get sued," she penned.


Insiders also dish that K's even been declaring that she will leave the show if Paris is not fired. She’s also refusing to film with most of her cast mates, apparently?

Rumors claim that show producers think K. is being hypocritical by demanding someone to be canned for getting physical while filming.  You know, since she has had her own situations in this strain in the past.

K. hinted at the drama the other day, by posting, "It’s crazy when you get to a certain point, you can’t react because people love to sue and get free money. Sucks but sometimes you have to handle it the legal way."

She later wrote, "It’s amazing how you can be so angry at a friend and still have a soft spot for them regardless."

So, should K. be ringing up a lawyer? Or do you think it would be best for her to just take a step back and regroup?

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