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All Out War: These Two ‘L&HH: Hollywood’ Stars Join Forces To Drag K. Michelle Savagely On Social Media

K. Michelle stays busy, huh?

While many fans of Love & Hip Hop were excited to see her return to the TV franchise, her return led to some new beefs and brought an old one back to life.  

At the beginning of the season, she helped whip up some messiness between Lyrica Anderson and A1 Bentley; she is the one who brought up the rumors that allege that Safaree Samuels and Lyrica hooked up.

She also called Lyrica's relationship with A-1 "fake", as she believes it a “music marriage,” saying “there’s no love or affection” between the songstress and A1. 

But all this doesn’t mean she doesn’t have time to bicker unendingly with ex-friend, Paris, it seems.

Their issues began when the duo were on K. Michelle’s LHH spin-off, K. Michelle, My Life. The pair’s dynamic was fractured, after K. called Paris out for using her credit card to get a $50 Uber ride. The two made peace, but it didn’t last very long.

Well, theJasmineBrand previously dished that K. Michelle and Paris almost came to blows while filming a scene.

Supposedly, K. and Paris started to argue over the credit card situation and it quickly got out of hand. Paris reportedly got super angry and threw a plastic cup at K. Michelle’s head.

“A drink was thrown, we were nowhere in any physical altercation. Not even close. Nobody ever threw any hands! But you won't steal from [me] and throw something. I have to handle it the Jewish way so I won't get sued," K. soon explained.

 So, K. Michelle had some words for Paris after the latest episode aired the other day. She also hinted that Paris had taken more than the $50 from her, after emphasizing that she is simply trying to tell the truth about what transpired with Paris. 

Subsequently, K. has been very vocal about Paris stealing money, while Paris feels K. overreacted and expressed that K. ruined her reputation by putting her on blast multiple times.

Check out the tweets for yourself (read from top to bottom):

It turns out that Lyrica had time today as jumped in to shade K. Michelle! Hahaha.

Zell Swag ended up touching upon this topic online too, once again defending his friend Paris throwing a low blow at K. Michelle.

K. Michelle's teenage son lives with his grandmother, rather than his mother. 

Yesterday was all about this cool kid.

Oof. Back in August, K. was singing a slightly different tune, tweeting, “It’s amazing how you can be so angry at a friend and still have a soft spot for them regardless.”

Should Paris be more apologetic? Or is K. making a big deal out of nothing?

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