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K. Michelle Savagely Drags Amber Rose In Rant Over Her Bill Cosby Criticism — Receipts Inside

Following Bill Cosby’s conviction and subsequent incarceration for participant in that horrible crime against Andrea Constand, Amber Rose has chimed in with her opinion on the situation…and not everyone is loving her take.

In a now deleted post, Amber slammed Cosby and made it clear that she’s happy he’s behind bars.

After adding she hoped Bill served his (3 to 10 year) sentence in its entirety and hopes he (upon release) dies on his first day of freedom.

Her comments pissed off many, including K. Michelle, who, from judging by her tweets, doesn’t believe that Bill is guilty at all.
K. Michelle went on Twitter and lit Amber up like a Christmas tree.

Not only did she accuse Amber of trying to be black but she also questioned why Amber has done besides suck you-know-what.

K. also said Bill Cosby being found guilty is a widespread conspiracy to lock a Black man up. 

“Annoying. You have no room to speak out on Bill Cosby or black man for that matter, being the only thing you’ve done is suck [expletive],” K wrote. “They love to [expletive] destroy our people, and y’all so gullible you sit there and help them!

Check out the tweets below (read from bottom to top).

After Hannibal Burress’ viral video made the rounds in 2014, a number of women spoke up, accusing Bill of egregious crimes against them. Andrea Constand testified that Bill committed a heinous act against her at his home in Philadelphia in 2004, while he insisted that their encounter was consensual, though he also admitted to some questionable behavior at one point. 

These claims were ultimately catastrophic for his legacy and industry-wide reputation, with many networks even pulling The Cosby Show.

After three years of investigating, the police finally brought charges on the disgraced star; he was found guilty over the summer months, after the initial trial ended in gridlock.

However, some have suggested that the trial and conviction were a by-product of institutionalized racism, charging that Bill Cosby is the first celebrity to go to be locked up, simply because he’s an African-American man.

Many have compared Bill to Harvey Weinstein, stating that Harvey isn’t in jail because he’s a Caucasian male. 

Others point out that the allegations against Bill came out in 2014, several years before #MeToo picked up the amount of steam it has currently (incidentally, Amber has mentioned that she is frustrated by certain components of the movement). It arguably takes several years to be brought to justice through the legal system, which may explain why he is the first one to face charges and incarceration. Hm.

When Amber learned of K. Michelle’s tweets, she reached out to her on Instagram. She left the following comment:

What do you think? Is K. Michelle completely correct?

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