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"Love & Hip Hop" Star JuJu Reacts To Cam’Ron Saying They Broke Up Because She’s ‘Not Fun Anymore’

"Love & Hip Hop: New York" star JuJu may not have addressed her ex-boyfriend's comments on their split after ten years together, but the reality star is making it clear she has set lofty goals for herself.

Cam'ron spoke about his break-up with JuJu during his appearance on "The Breakfast Club" last week. He explained that the relationship fizzled after it wasn't "fun anymore." He also hinted that social media played a role in their split.

The rapper revealed they ended their relationship earlier this year, stating it was "kind of mutual."

Cam'ron told the radio hosts, "It was kind of mutual. For me, it just wasn’t fun anymore. I met Juju in 2002. She was my friend before we even started being serious. That was my homegirl and everything was fun. But for me, once Instagram came out, I’m the one who was promoting her and marketing her, showing her body and showing people how beautiful she is, like ‘Look, I got a beautiful woman,’ without being too untasteful about it to me. Basically it just stopped being fun."

Despite #Camron blaming Instagram on his breakup with #JuJu he says she’s the best the girl in the world. #Dipset ..#FreeDopeMedia

Cam'ron suggested that social media caused issues in their romance. He explained, "When Instagram came out, it was fun in the beginning and then it became serious, [Juju would say] ‘Why you following her?’ Or, ‘You like that person picture,’ or ‘People are saying this.’ And I’m like, ‘Yo, you gotta be my best friend for because that’s what I’m in it for.’ … It just stopped being fun and I think she felt that way too."

There were rumors swirling that the rapper had cheated on Juju with a girl named Roxxi. However, the "Hello" rapper stated there was no truth to the reports. Cam'ron explained that Roxxi is simply a friend, who claimed to have slept with him during her social media feud with JuJu.
Get with #TheProgram

Cam'ron has no hard feelings towards his ex-girlfriend, gushing over her and stating her new beau would be a lucky guy.
Never not Working ... #Juju
Cam'ron said of JuJu, "She's loyal, she's smart, she's funny, she's charismatic. She has a bunch of different businesses she's doing."

JuJu proved that fact when she shared her exciting news with her followers on Instagram over the weekend. 

The reality star shared a photo of herself wearing a graduation cap, writing in the caption, "Im so happppyyyy right now!!! I just picked up my Cap & Gown, it’s official I’m getting my Masters degree!!"
Im so happpppyyyy right now!!! I just picked up my Cap & Gown, it’s official I’m getting my Masters Degree!! . Bachelors ✔️ Masters ✔️ Dr. Juju sounds real good right now 😬 👩🏾🎓 . . #juju #educated #boss #Cubana #lhhny #bachelors #masters #chocolateCuban #barryU #higherLearning<

Juju previously revealed that she met Cam'ron during a time she wanted to become a dentist. She applauded the rapper for encouraging her to go for her dreams. 

I always get asked how Cam and I met. Some know the Love story here's for those that don't. We met in 02'. I was in school full time, I wanted to be a Dentist at that time and also worked full time at the airport as a Screener (before TSA) . . Cam walked thru my line, looked directly at me and said: "Hi my Name is Cam'ron..I think you're beautiful can I have your number" & The Rest Is History. . . I've always had strong work ethics and believed education is Power. At that point in my life I wasn't looking for a man/relationship. I was solely focused and committed on bettering myself. Turns out it was perfect timing , because Cam was able to see My Go getter attitude, My Hustle & My Grind, these are the very things he still applauds and loves about me, today. . . Ladies no matter who you're with, Make sure you can hold your Own!! Be an Asset never a liability! . #internationalwomensday #jujuJewels #julietC #teamJuju

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