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After a long and exhausting trial, Rick Ross' fate has been DECIDED...

According to WSB-TV:

After a long and exhausting trial, Rick Ross' fate has been DECIDED...

A Fayette County, Georgia judge ruled in favor of a well-known rapper accused of assaulting two of his workers.

Thursday, the judge decided to allow Rick Ross to travel for business and take his show on the road once again.

Ross, whose real name is William Roberts, nodded his head in approval as the judge announce his ruling. The rapper was just as excited after court as he left courthouse with a pep in his step.

“Feels real good just to go out,” he told Channel 2’s Tom Jones. “Everybody that supported you, your fans, and everybody that's been sending their love.”

Roberts and his bodyguard Nadrian James are accused of beating and pistol whipping two property managers who worked and lived at Robert’s palatial mansion. Deputies say Roberts was upset they threw a party without his permission.

He was placed on home confinement, but his attorney said that restricted his ability to earn an income.

“Well he hasn't been able to make appearances because he's been limited to his two residences in Fayette County,” said defense attorney Steve Sadow.

Roberts asked the judge to travel, but prosecutors opposed the idea.

“The danger to the community based upon the nature of this offense and the manner in which it was committed. The state would oppose any of those travel restrictions,” said Fayette County Assistant District Attorney Warren Sellers.

The judge agreed to allow Roberts to travel with restrictions. The rapper said now the people who depend on him can get paid.

“I think that's the bigger picture versus me just being able to travel,” Roberts told Jones.

Roberts will have to give the DA's office his travel itinerary and once he lands back in Atlanta, he has to be home within two hours.

If he violates those conditions his bond could be forfeited and he could lose his mansion.

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