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Report: Joseline Hernandez’s New Reality Show On VH1 May Actually Violate Court Order Surrounding Daughter

It’s A New Year & A New Joseline Hernandez!

"Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" fans will be excited to learn that Joseline Hernandez will be returning to the small screen in her own reality show. However, the Puerto Rican Princess may find herself in hot water with a Georgia Family Court judge!

Hernandez has landed her own reality show, "Joseline Takes Miami." The only problem is that Joseline was ordered not to take her daughter, Bonnie Bella, out of the state of Georgia.

Joseline and her baby daddy, Stevie J, who are embroiled in a custody battle over their one-year-old daughter, were both told not to take Bonnie out of the state.

The ruling came after a court-appointed monitor told the judge she had not been able to see the child in weeks.

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The monitor is supposed to have regular visits with Bonnie to check on her well-being. The monitor's findings during these visits will help determine which parent is better suited to care for the child. 

The judge appointed the monitor after Stevie and Joseline accused one another of violence and drug use.

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Joseline was supposed to bring Bonnie Bella to a Georgia court on September 25 but she was a no-show.

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The monitor was so concerned that she requested that the judge issue "an order barring both parents from leaving Georgia with the baby until further notice."

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During a court hearing on Oct. 3, Judge Jane Barwick told Joseline and Stevie that Bonnie Bella is not allowed to leave the state of Georgia, except for a vacation of two weeks or less. 

The court order will obviously throws a wrench into Joseline's plans of filming in Miami, Florida.

Hernandez, who left "LHHA" after a falling out with show creator Mona Scott Young, will now star on her own reality series. 

The Puerto Rican Princess also previously starred on a spin-off show with her baby daddy Stevie J, "Stevie J & Joseline Go Hollywood". However, the show was cancelled after the second season.
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Joseline is teaming up with producer Carlos King for her Miami reality show. He has produced shows such as "The Mane Event" and "Hollywood Divas." 

#JoselineHernandez is heading back to a screen near you!

"Joseline Takes Miami" will chronicle the single mother's life in Miami, as she tries to find fame with her rap career.
“JOSELINE TAKES MIAMI” ▫️ Happy 2018 ▫️ It’s A New Year & A New Joseline Hernandez!
Hernandez reveals the show will feature her new music, along with a "talented array of Latin artists."

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