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Joseline Hernandez Explodes On ‘Love And Hip-Hop’ Creator Mona Scott-Young After ‘Wendy’ Interview

More? Well, okay.

Joseline Hernandez and Love & Hip Hop creator Mona Scott Young are still fighting.

“Your show will never elevate because you’re always trying to downplay colored people. And Mona you should do better than that cause you Haitian. You supposed to be one of us but you stay trying to downplay us," Joseline once told Mona, when the pair were reportedly arguing over paychecks.

Joseline also took issue with the behind-the-scenes editing. 

“So y’all made me [look] like I’m just this crazy person, and everything that went on in the show wasn’t [because] of Mona Scott-Young,” Joseline said at the time. “Mona, let’s just keep it real. I quit the show, so now y’all wanna run back these [videos] that I did three years ago. What you trying to downplay me for? I mean it’s been three, four years since I got into a fight on Love & Hip Hop. I’m a mother. Why would you even try to play those videos that happened four years ago.”

She didn't think twice about gloating over the series ratings drop either (Earlier this year,, it was reported that Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta had drawn in 2.21 million viewer; the season 7 premiere brought in 3.21 million.)

The Puerto Rican Princess had jumped onto Instagram to write “When 1.2 million won’t even cut they Tv on! #joselinehernandez”.

n! #joselinehernandez

So, yeah, no love lost.

Well, Mona recently appeared on “The Wendy Williams Show” to promote her new book, Blurred Lines: The Novel. Wendy, of course had to bring up the most-talked-about (Current and Past) stars of “Love and Hip Hop”, of course.

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Wendy made sure to bring up Joseline and Mona’s response caused Joseline to fire off on all fronts on Twitter.

So when Wendy brought up Joseline during the interview on her show, Mona said she wished Joseline the best at WE tv (where her new show will be aired).

“She looks great. She’s doing her thing. God bless her. I want her to go forth and prosper. I promise you. No shade at all. God bless her.”

Joseline wasn’t having that though. She tweeted, "[Expletive] did you go to Wendy to promote my show or yours???? God bless you Mona [expletive]. Your show dropped 50% and if anyone call me with negativity I’m going to curse you out. I give 2 [expletive] about this dirty crusty mouth [expletive]. Check me".


Are we the only ones who saw nothing wrong with Mona’s comments?

Sound off below. 

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