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These New Photos Of Joseline Hernandez's Daughter Has The Internet Questioning Bonnie Bella's Welfare

It is definitely not a good time period to be a celebrity parent. 

Joining Princess Love And Cardi B in the “Bad Moms Club” as of late (we'll get into that shortly), is former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez. 

The Puerto Rican Princess is under fire for sharing a “distributing” photo where her daughter, Bonnie Bella, appears to be in danger… or at least the internet says. 

After leaving Love & Hip Hop franchise last year, Joseline is gearing up for her own reality show on WEtv and her daughter will play a key part in it. 

Trouble found Miss Hernandez on the ‘gram after she shared a beautiful photo of Stevie J’s baby girl sitting really close to a pool and the internet came for her in the comments section. 

Many started arguing Joseline is a bad mother for having Bonnie Bella so close to the pool. 

Someone woke up living their best life #bonniebellahernandez

One comment read: “Cute pie.. dangerous picture shot. She too close to that water it only takes a minute Lil Bonnie getting big;). Love the pic of Baby girl, but please keep her away from the pools. Don’t get me wrong I go for her, but things can happen in a blink of our eyes the both of yall. Love baby girl she is apart of Uuuuuu.”

Another person joined in with: “Took the words out my mouth, pic made me a little anxious but thinking there must be someone close to her. That looks dangerous for the baby to b that close to the poo. Yeah, it’s just anxiety and the mom in me even if she can swim you feel me! I ended my first sentence and then asked if she could swim.”

A commenter defended Joseline and screamed “I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t put HER DAUGHTER in harm’s way. All of you want to point out some negative [ish] in a beautiful ass picture! Joseline keeps up the excellent work you’re doing a good [expletive] job being Bonnie Mother. That’s exactly why half of you all children can’t swim; screaming GET THEM AWAY FROM THE WATER, you got to teach them Dutch!!!”

Laughing at you other babies like.... who taught you #BonnieBella 😉 thank me later

This 4th person added: “Princess Bonnie Bella is so beautiful. She can be a toddler model. She’s starting to look more like Joseline now she is so cute. And you don’t know how close someone is. So stop assuming. Her mother is there and wouldn’t put her child in danger. Go watch your child. The child can swim, and they should learn as soon as they start crawling. The mother is standing right there. Get a grip on the main reason why a lot of black people can’t swim they act as they scared of water. Joseline..try some straw curls in baby girls hair…they get better looking as they get older…lasts long too…very nice pic, love.”

This controversy hitting Joseline comes after Princess Love And Cardi B were also accused of being bad moms recently. 

Princess Love came under fire from the Internet after sharing photo of her and baby Melody sleeping in the bed next to each other.  With the 4-month-old laying on her stomach, critics left her mentions in shambles as they warned Princess and Ray J about SIDS — also known as sudden infant death syndrome.

Cardi B allegedly made a comment that she would ‘drop’ her infant daughter to engage in a fight with someone, fans freaked out as Child Protective Services were reportedly called to check on the welfare their now 2-month-old Baby Kulture. 

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