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Joseline Gets Really Petty As She Trashes Stevie J & Faith Evans’ Quickie Marriage — Receipts Inside

Welp… it’s safe to say that Joseline Hernandez is Big Mad about her child’s father getting married a few weeks ago. 

Stevie J and 90’s r&b icon Faith Evans filed a marriage license in Las Vegas on July 17th and reportedly exchanged vows that night in a hotel room in a surprise union to all.

While The Newlyweds saved a bunch of money by unifying in that hotel room, they reportedly about to blow a lot of money to celebrate it. 

It is now reported that the couple is planning a wedding ceremony that will include those who might have felt left out of this new chapter of their life together.

According to reports, Stevie J and Faith Evans want to host it in Miami on a luxury 222-foot yacht. The Jordans were seen visiting a $40 million watercraft that boasts enough space to host up to 600 guests.

Faith & Stevie reportedly didn't ask for a budget when they toured the yacht, which could only mean that production for their rumored spin-off show, Faith & Stevie, is covering costs.

Added to the list of people not happy with this union is former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez.

Never one to ever hold her tongue or censor herself, the mother of Bonnie Bella is sharing some shade to Stevie J and Faith’s quickie marriage. 

The Shade Room were being messy and created a post on Instagram about unknowingly being photographed with someone that winds up dating your ex. The Puerto Rican Princess slid into the comments and wrote, “You know they say one mans garbage is another's [sic] man treasure. But we know is [sic] still garbage.”

See the post and her response in full, below:

Now if you’re keeping score, this is NOT the first time Joseline has come for the union of Stevie J and Faith Evans. 

Just a few hours after news circulated about the quickie marriage, Joseline decided to be ‘petty’ and shared a post on her own Instagram account, revealing Stevie J asked her to marry him in June. 

In fact, she posted a screenshot of a text exchange between her and Stevie J who she saved as ‘A-hole’ in her phone.

Stevie allegedly wrote "Will you marry me?" and Joseline snapped back, saying, "I’m actually trying to marry someone else I really like. I’m sorry. I tried it with you. I’m liking some one else a lot."

The thread seemed to show that he didn't take her refusal well as he went on to call her a "stupid little [expletive]," soon after.

Seems like something he would do, we suppose.

Of course the reality starlet wasn't done with the exposing session as she then took to Twitter to send another message to him regarding his allegedly late child support payments.

#Joseline still not done with #StevieJ 😩

Do you think Faith Evans will clap back at Joseline? 

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